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Even after 63 years of Independence, the country is faring far below the expectations of the common man, particularly Hindus, who have still been subject to a sort of perpetual slavery. The reason being, over a large number of these years, the country was governed by the so-called champions of ahimsa and pseudo-secularists. Ahimsa is a noble doctrine, but open to misuse. A coward can easily put on a cloak of ahimsa and masquerade as its champion. After the military debacle in NEFA (now Arunachal Pradesh) in 1962 at the hands of Chinese army, the strength of Indian Army was decided to be raised. About one and a half million persons turned up to join the Army, though fewer were taken. The question arises as to how many of these so-called champions of ahimsa and pseudo-secularists took their sons to join the Army? Perhaps none of them. In sharp contrast, when Pearl Harbour was bombarded by the Japanese, millions of Americans turned up to join the armed forces. US ex-President George Bush (senior) was a fighter pilot. He was shot down over the Pacific and rescued by an American submarine. The late President Kennedy was in the navy. He commanded a torpedo boat which sank a Japanese destroyer in the Pacific. However in the attack he himself narrowly escaped death.

                Hence, there can be no comparison between such so-called champions of ahimsa and pseudo-secularists, and those brave men who walked to the gallows with Vande Mataram on their lips. These ‘champions of ahimsa’ and pseudo-secularists don’t have even the courage to stand up in defence of the national song, Vande Mataram. It is to be noted that on the night of August 14/15, 1947, Sarojini Naidu recited the first two stanzas of Iqbal’s Sare jahan se achha Hindustan hamara in the Indian Parliament. It is still played by the bands of Indian Armed Forces. Its further stanzas are in the glory of Islam such as, Arbo Chi hamara (i.e. Arabia and China is ours). A night before, that is on the night of August 13/14 , 1947, those stanzas were recited in the Pakistan’s Parliament. If the first two non-controversial stanzas of Iqbal’s poem could be recited in the Indian Parliament, why cannot the first two non-controversial stanzas of Vande Mataram? These ‘champions of ahimsa’ and so-called secularists should be questioned on that. Furthermore, ‘champions of ahimsa’ and pseudo-secularists’ secularism always aimed at destruction of Hindus at the hands of Muslim and Christian fanatics. Paswans’ secularism advocates a Muslim Chief Minister in Bihar. Arjuns Singhs’ secularism believes in distorting our history. Mulayams’ secularism impel them to declare holiday in UP on last Friday of Ramjan. Pseudo-secularists have always been active to destroy the essence of Hindutva. The irony is that their secularism erupts only when the interests of the non-Hindus are involved. The latest example is the arrest of Gujarat Home Minister Amit Shah for his alleged role in the ‘fake encounter’, in which some notorious criminals were killed. The arrest gave the pseudo-secularists and ahimsawadis to start sermonising by starting communal debates. But these very elements maintained a studied silence when Abdul Naseer Madani, who had been cocking a snook at law-enforcing agencies for a long time, was arrested this week. It is worth mentioning that Madani is a key accused in the 2008 Bengaluru bombing case.

                After the Partition of our subcontinent on two nation theoretical doctrinaire, our pseudo secularist and ahimsawadi leaders have not taken any step towards culturally integrated society, instilling a sense of pride into the Hindus who have a great cultural heritage. And all hopes have gone into oblivion and have suffered from the lapse of memory of our onslaught by the agent of dark and death. Hindus, therefore, must defend their Dharma; and live with dignity, and without being discriminated against. Hindus have a glorious heritage of thousands of years which they must cherish and preserve. Hindus have fought repeated onslaughts, and preserved Hinduism over the centuries whereas all other native religions and civilisations have been wiped off from the earth by expansionist religions. Every Hindu family must devote time and resources to protect Hinduism. Many Hindus feel that since Hinduism has survived for thousands of years, it will continue to flourish forever. But they overlook the worst ever attacks threatening Hinduism now. They also ignore the fact that Hinduism has been banished from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh which also used to be Hindu lands. Hindus must remember that only a combination of wisdom and valour will ensure survival of Hinduism as the Bhagwad Gita’s last shloka declares, ;= ;¨Xks‘oj% —“.k¨ ;= ikFk¨Z ËkuqèkZj%] r= JhfoZTk;¨ ÒwfrËkzqZok UkhfreZfreZe A” (Where Krishna, the Lord of yoga, and Arjuna, the wielder of bow are there; prosperity, victory, success, and glory will follow).

Deepak Kumar Rath

Deepak Kumar Rath

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