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Updated: July 24, 2010 1:55 pm

India is ‘truly’ a democracy—here not even hardcore criminals, but also dreaded terrorists enjoy human rights. The so-called human rights activists burn midnight oil to defend the human rights of the inhuman terrorists and criminals. But what a travesty, there are no protagonists for the personnel of army, para-military forces and police, who stake their life to defend the country so that these so-called human rights activists can sleep contentedly in their air-conditioned bedroom! This has been substantiated yet again in the ongoing violent protests in the Kashmir valley, where security forces personnel are violently attacked by young miscreants. In fact, last week some security personnel were beaten to a pulp. No wonder, the human rights activists religiously maintained a studied silence. Even the ‘secular’ brigade, which browbeats from the rooftop in defence of the (in)human rights of terrorists and criminals, did not utter a single word of condemnation. But these very activists leave no opportunity to accuse the security forces of violating the human rights when security forces use only lathis, teargas shells and rubber bullets in order to control the frenzied mob so as to maintain law and order. How can security forces let the hooligans overrun their posts, pelt stones and beat them to within an inch of their life? Without any comfort and risking their lives, they are there to defend the country against deadly terrorists, who are leaving no stone unturned to destabilise the country. Moreover, a position has been reached that any use of force in self-defence by security forces is criticised even by the state government that central forces have gone out of control! It is this support by various quarters that if a terrorist is killed in certain areas, their supporters rise in retaliation. However, one fact to be noted by every right thinking Indian in this whole issue is that the violence and protests are consistently confined only to a few specific pockets in Kashmir—it must not be confused as if the whole of Kashmir is up against security forces. It is always a limited few hundred people, who indulge in such activities. They, however, don’t really intend or show their concerns for their state’s development. They are simply miscreants who want to create panic and disturbance and perhaps benefit some political/terrorist organisations.

However, this entire episode is rooted in the flawed and non-existent leadership from both the Centre and the state government of J&K. The Prime Minister recently visited Kashmir while this insurrection was reaching its boiling point. What words did he have to assuage the sentiments of the common Kashmiri people? What ‘healing touch’ did he provide to the disaffection that has spread among the common people, who are bearing the brunt of the daily conflict by a few miscreants? On the other hand, what words of encouragement and motivation did he have for the army and security forces that are overworked in a hostile environment? In fact, they are working hard to protect the nation and Kashmir from terrorists and infiltrators from the other side of boundary. Similarly, the state leadership of J&K has failed to bridge the communication gap between Kashmiris and the rest of India. It is but natural that staunch separatist leaders like Geelani should thrive in such a leadership vacuum. What is more, ISI is trying to push India to corner on Kashmir issue by encouraging infiltrators to cross LoC and to create havoc in Kashmir. It is also trying to add fuel to fire in local agitation and cause disaffection against army and security forces. In this backdrop, our politicians, knowing well Pakistan’s evil design, are blaming each other to score brownie points. There is nothing unusual in craving and competition for political power on the part of politicians. What is objectionable is falling prey to parochial and sectional considerations at the altar of national consideration just for immediate political gain. Also the lack of conviction and hypocrisy appears to be a chronic malady of Indian politics today.

Deepak Kumar Rath

Deepak Kumar Rath

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