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Updated: August 14, 2010 11:44 am

The WikiLeaks disclosures are not surprising. They have reopened old wounds of those who have suffered barbaric atrocities perpetrated by Pakistan-sponsored Islamic terrorists in India. India continues to tread the path of holding dialogue with Pakistan at different levels to weed out the bitterness and bring about peace and cordial relations between the two countries. But Pakistan constantly pursued its agenda to eat into the vitals of India by aiding and abetting unabatedly Islamic terrorism in India. The WikiLeaks exposé should now open the eyes of those who always advocate dialogue to improve the strenuous relations between the two countries, as it has called the bluff of the Pakistan army and the ISI. It has vindicated India’s claim that the terror attack on the Indian Embassy in Kabul was carried out by the ISI and the tribal areas in Pakistan are used to stoke insurgency in India. But perhaps because of its perception that the terror attacks planned by the ISI-jihadi nexus are India-centric, the US-led international community has been selective in reining in the terrorists operating from Pakistan.

                It is to be noted that the “word ISI” in 90,000 document leaks appeared more than “50,000 times”. A WikiLeaks source revealed that the American soldiers and CIA seem to be “ISI-phobic”. What is more, as per the WikiLeaks disclosures, the Pakistan army and ISI have been supporting terrorist organisations throughout the period 2004-2009. And significantly and alarmingly, during this period, General Kayani was the chief of the ISI for three years and army chief for a few months short of three years. He is therefore totally identified with this policy of using terrorism as a state policy both internationally and domestically. Besides his success in the game of deception vis-à-vis the US, the civilian government is so terrified of the army and ISI that Kayani’s tenure has been extended by three years recently by the civilian government of the party of Benazir Bhutto (For detail, read the article “Misplaced Wisdom” in this issue of Uday India). The most disturbing aspect of the WikiLeaks is the ISI’s “working alongside al-Qaeda” and Pakistani skulduggery contrast sharply with the frequently rosy public pronouncements of Pakistan as an ally by American officials in war against terror so that the latter could sustain a drone campaign over parts of Pakistani territory to decimate at-Qaeda’s havens! Another document of WikiLeaks points towards how the ISI trains groups of terrorists and a pool of suicide bombers, who are used to destabilise peace in India. When the Pakistani army and ISI have been playing successfully the game of deception for years against the US, which included support to the Taliban and al-Qaeda, which have been inflicting casualties on the Americans themselves, and at the same time collecting the American taxpayers’ money in billions for pretending to fight terrorism, the US is not likely to accept any proof India may offer and concede there are links between the ISI and terrorist organisations. In this gloomy backdrop, it is, therefore, in Pakistan’s interest to keep the al-Qaeda and Taliban safe, since the terror groups serve as its strategic assets to get American aid in the form of sophisticated weapons. But why does the US, which roared like a lion against Iraq, act meekly against the barbaric behaviour of Pakistan? The American forces could have destroyed the camps and captured the Taliban and al-Qaeda leaders themselves without seeking Pakistan’s help. It would be naïve for India to expect the US to do what we should have done long ago. Any further delay in dealing with Pakistan firmly will only result in its getting more help to arm itself. For, they are in denial even when confronted with thousands of documents. Its leaders have been drunk with success for having outsmarted the Americans for years and they are playing games with India. It is, therefore, time we woke up to the reality and solved our issues with Pakistan with an iron hand, without expecting the US to restrain it. Who knows the exposé may be just a beginning, more devastating revelations may be waiting to be published!

Deepak Kumar Rath

Deepak Kumar Rath

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