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Earthquake in Turkey-Syria America’s conspiracy?

Updated: February 11, 2023 1:08 pm

The earthquake in Turkey and Syria killed thousands. In the midst of the tragedy, a new controversy has arisen. It is being said on social media that this earthquake has happened because of the conspiracy of America. It is being claimed that America has created havoc in Turkey by using its weather technology. Allegations are being made that the American research center HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is behind the earthquake. Many videos are being posted on social media regarding this and users are also trolling fiercely.

A video is also going viral in which lightning strikes during an earthquake. It is now being claimed that lightning is not normal during an earthquake. America did this in an artificial way. It is being said that Turkey refused to follow the path shown by the western countries. Now it is being punished. Many such allegations and claims are being made by users on social media.

Now, let’s understand what HAARP is. HAARP is a US project based in Alaska. There the atmosphere is studied with the help of a radio transmitter. In the year 2022, it gave many major updates related to the weather, but never claimed that it has any capability to bring earthquakes. However, even before such natural disasters, HAARP has been in the circle of questions. Many countries blame HAARP for tragedies like earthquake, tsunami.

It is also being said that many countries will attack other countries by controlling the weather. This attack will not be with weapons or nuclear bombs, but will look natural. For instance, a country will control the rain of its enemy country and bring drought in that country or bring a flood, so that there will be chaos. The ability to bring earthquakes or tsunami is also in this category.

It is like sending dangerous viruses or bacteria to the enemy country. There is a dispute over who first started the efforts to control the weather. Russia blames America and America blames Russia. By the way, most of the countries attacked America. In August 1953, this country formed the President’s Advisory Committee on Weather Control. The committee wanted to understand how weather modification can be done so that it can be used in the interest of the country.

In the fifties, there was open talk about this. Even small-scale experiments were used to show how dust storms could be brought about in clear weather, or floods could be brought about by melting snow. America was only boasting of this power but then Russia (the then Soviet Union) also entered the fray. Its scientists gave a demo to increase or decrease the temperature of the water of the Pacific Ocean. After this, a race started between America and Russia.

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