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Drunk man pees on woman in Air India flight coming from US

Updated: January 4, 2023 1:49 pm

An inebriated passenger urinated on a woman while traveling by air. The incident is of an Air India flight from New York to Delhi, where the woman was sitting on the seat adjacent to the business class corridor. After this senseless act of the passenger, the woman complained to the crew but even after this the staff did not try to catch the unruly passenger. After which the passenger left fearlessly after flying to Delhi. A source said that the woman sent a complaint letter to Tata Group Chairman N Chandrasekaran in this regard. Only after that Air India started investigating the matter.

The woman has mentioned the problem in her complaint letter, which states that the crew was not proactive in the management of a very sensitive and painful situation. Due to lack of vigilance, after waiting for a long time, I had to advocate for myself. I am distressed that the airline made no effort to ensure my safety during this incident. The incident took place on November 26 on Air India flight AI-102, which left New York-JFK airport around 1 p.m. local time. Soon after lunch, the lights were turned off. Another passenger who was completely inebriated walked over to my seat. After which he unzipped his pant and continued to show me his private parts.

According to the woman, the man continued to stand there even after urinating. When one of her co-passengers asked him to leave, he went ahead somewhere. The woman immediately informed a cabin crew member after the intoxicated passenger left. The woman said that my clothes, shoes and bag were completely drenched in urine, which was also confirmed by the staff, who sprayed disinfectant on those things. After the female passenger cleaned herself in the airline’s toilet, the crew gave her a set of pajamas and disposable slippers to change into. She stood near the toilet for about 20 minutes as she did not want to return to her dirty seat. After which she was given the narrow crew seat, where she sat for an hour and then she was asked to return to her seat. Although the staff had put sheets on top. Still, the foul smell of urine was coming from that area.

A senior commander of the airline said, “The cabin crew should have followed company procedures. The pilot should have been informed and  the unruly passenger should have been separated. Then on landing he should have been handed over to the security personnel.” A statement from Air India said, “Air India has informed the police and regulatory authorities about the incident. We are in regular touch with the victim passenger.”

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