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Don’t Test The Patience

Updated: December 14, 2018 12:13 pm

Ramjanmbhoomi is not so important, as per a Supreme Court decision. In 2014, PM Narendra Modi was given a solid mandate and a massive victory in Uttar Pradesh. He later had made it amply clear that the Ram temple would be built in near future at the controversial Babri structure site but the constant changing of stance by the apex court is making the scenario uncertain. For uninitiated, it is imperative to mention that on 6th December, 1992, the common people had demolished the Babri structure in Ayodhya as they believed that it was there that Lord Rama was born and the structure was build after demolishing a temple made on  that site. After the demolition of the structure, a makeshift temple was erected there and people started paying obessience to the Lord Rama. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has promised in its poll manifesto that after coming to power, it will work towards making the temple a reality, but, even after four and half years has gone by, nothing has happened in this regard. Along with it, the constant pendency on part of the apex court is also making the scenario murky.

In a recent decision, it seems that the issue of Ramjanambhoomi is not so important for the court, but,crores of people of the country think otherwise. The issue may not be important for the intellectual judges of the apex court, but it is an issue, which reverberates in almost every household of this country. The common mass of the country is disappointed with the decision of the court. Courts may not take the issue so seriously, but the issue is of utmost importance for all the political parties of the country. People may agree or not, but who will win the 2019 general elections wholly depends upon this issue. The Opposition is harassing the government by asking the date for building the temple.

In 2010 only, Allahabad High Court had given the decision that the controversial site belongs to the Hindus, but then again, someone filed a review petition in the apex court. It has been eight years since the case came into the Supreme Court, but it still not decided as to what kind of Bench will hear the case. Now, in the above mentioned decision, the court has declared that in January, 2019 it will be decided that which judges will hear the case. How the case will be dealt with? Will it be a day-to-day hearing or will it be heard on date-to-date basis? All of this will be decided later on. It is sad to see that people are questioning the government over its intentions, when the ball is in court’s arena.

In reality, the court has contradicted itself. On 4th of August, 2017, the Supreme Court had decided that from 11th August, 2017, it will hear the case on daily basis. A three-judge bench was to hear the case daily on 2 PM in the afternoon.  Suddenly, the court announced that since the case is associated with the religious ethos and beliefs, it was better that the associated parties, i.e. Hindus and Muslims, should handle the matter themselves and, if the need arises, then only the court will intervene. Here the question arises, if the associated parties, i.e. Hindus and Muslims, could handle the matter themselves, then why would they have gone to the court in the first place? It shows that even the court is excusing itself on the matter. It seems that the court wants that the government should take a decision on this matter.  It is needless to say that if the matter would only have been for the land, it would have been decided upon long back. But, the matter is associated with belief of the people, cultural heritage of the country and also the politics of the country revolves around the issue.

Interestingly, the matter before the apex court is a review petition. The Allahabad Court has already given its decision in 2010. It was finalised  in that decision that the controversial site is actually the birthplace of Lord Rama and the controversial site is actually Ramjanmbhoomi. In its verdict, the court has distributed the land of the controversial site to the  Hindus. The court has also ordered not to remove the idols of the Lord Rama from the site. It also marked that since the Sita Rasoi and Ram Chabootra were under the Nirmohi Akhada, the status quo will be maintained there. Two of the judges of the bench also remarked that since Muslims also perform their Namaz in some portions of the land, one-third of the controversial site should also be given to them. After this decision only, the review petition was filed in the apex court. The court has to only find whether the decision made by the Allahabad Court is within the premises of law or not.

The most important thing in the Ramjanmbhoomi case is that the Muslim petitioners have always maintained that there was not a temple on the controversial site.

They maintain that there is no proof of Lord Rama being born there nor there was any temple. In this, the so-called secular parties consider Lord Rama to be a mythical character. Even the United Progressive Alliance has on paper said that there is nothing called Lord Rama in this world and its all mythical, during a hearing on Ram Setu issue. Hindus of this country are losing their patience. The common people don’t understand the courts’ language. They want a temple in Ayodhya and for that they had given their votes to the Modi and Yogi governments. The BJP should understand the emotion of the people and instead of issuing slogans, its time to take action. It should either make a law regarding this or at least bring an Ordinance to this effect.

By Nilabh Krishna

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