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Don’t Slaughter Indianness

Updated: June 15, 2017 1:37 pm


When I am writing this editorial, I am very upset to pen anything on a subject that is very close to my heart. Yes, my feelings may not be the same for all Indians, but I believe many Indians will agree that the new 8-page law of the Union Environment Ministry to ban cattle sale for the purpose of slaughter in cattle market is a welcome step. Our country is having thousands of years of rich culture, which clearly reflects that we have always been very kind to all living creatures, what to talk of mother cow. Gau mata is deeply involved with the spiritual, cultural and religious sentiments of Indian way of life. In India, Muslims run many dairy farms where they keep a good number of Indian breeds of cow. Milk is an essential food for all growing children and adults. Mother cow never makes difference that the milk is meant only for Hindus. When we take birth, we grow on mother’s milk, and when we grow adult then we depend on mother cow. So, our mother and mother cow both are respected in our nation and their role for us is almost synonymous. Now, our intellectual economists are arguing, who will feed the old cattle; where can they be sheltered? For, their numbers are very high. India being the largest exporter of beef in the world, where will the beef industries and people employed there go? Who will give them job? Really, what a modern innovative thinking we are having now! Of course, I don’t blame anyone for these sorts of wild thoughts that come to the mind of our senior economists and secular journalists and secular politicians. Money matters in this materialistic world, and that is what they have read in textbooks of their education curriculum, which they have meticulously prepared with an agenda in their mind in post-Independence era. Indian system of education, philosophy and vision does not match with the new education system they are educated from. This modern educated secular intellectual class prefers to keep their old-age mother and father in five-star old-age home. And their children are told that their grandparents are lunatic. We in India accept the whole world as one family, so with a big heart, let’s pardon these secular intellectual fools and the poor economists, who protests against banning the cattle sale for slaughter. We worship our country as mother (Bharat Mata), cow as mother cow, river as goddess, sun and forest as god. So sorry dear secular brothers, time has come to stop insulting our god and goddess, our cultural ethos, our religious sentiments, and mind you, India warns you people to stop indulging in conspiring against India and Indianness. Earning money, by sacrificing mother cow or cattle is not in our culture. If one argues that a big industry sustains on this inhuman trade, then god save them. Can you really tell me how many Indians can kill animals, face the sea of blood, and enjoy it as food? Only demons can do this, as did the activists of Kerala Congress in god’s own country. How cruel one can be to earn money and give savour to taste buds.

If we need to strengthen our economy, there are thousands of ways scientists, economists and government can think of. Our visionary Prime Minister Narendra Modi can form a committee, under Niti Ayog, to find ways to give employment to those involved in this industry, as India needs another white revolution. Once upon a time, India was enriched with more than forty varieties of Indian breeds of cow, but now 80 per cent of them are endangered. Developed countries now use only A2 milk, which comes from only Indian breeds of cow. Many countries like Brazil and US have started importing embryos of Indian breeds of cow and replaced it with their own breeds of cow despite the fact that they give more quantity of milk. The milk from hybrid cows that majority of people in India drink is not pure and is infectious. The government needs to lay emphasis on promoting Indian breeds of cow.

My last take on mother cow is: can any secular economist prove that the economy generated out of cattle has less value than the one from the beef industry? Eighty per cent of the Indian economy is dependent on agriculture, and cow plays a major role in it. Chemical fertiliser has destroyed the fertility of Indian soil, and hence, it is high time to produce more bio-natural gas and organic manure from cow dung, rotten vegetable and municipal waste. In this way, India can also cater to a huge amount of requirement of organic manure from different countries. It is noteworthy that of the total demand, India produces only 5 per cent of the green energy. So, in brief, when we find ways, we can get ideas, and India has enormous traditional knowledge base, which can be re-explored. This is no argument to slaughter the living creatures to sustain an industry, or it is no argument that there cannot be any arrangements for keeping the old-age cattle. Use-and-throw, hire-and-fire is not accepted in our Indian system. We are not a country like US to follow anything to strengthen our economy. For, the days are not far-off when one will argue that since government earns more tax on alcohol, open liquor shop 24X7 everywhere, legalise prostitution, which also helps in earning good money. Indira Gandhi once urged voters to forget everything and vote for cow. Gandhiji was a strong proponent of banning cow slaughter in India. We have to keep in mind that India to become vishwaguru we have to think differently. Beware of alien thoughts!


Deepak Kumar Rath


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