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Don’t Insult Muslims

Updated: May 19, 2012 4:29 pm

As of now the much-talked and much-cooked story in the Indian media is Indian Presidential election. In the age of coalition politics, as no political party has majority, the permutation and combination for the highest post is getting prominence. Unlike in the USA, an Indian Presidential election does not carry much attention for severals reasons. In our country, the President is a Constitutional Head, so to speak. There is a general impression that the President of India is accepted as a rubber stamp, which is again debatable and has been discussed many times by our constitutional experts. During the government formation, whether Hon’ble President of India is exercising his powers properly or just approving the wish of the government or party he belongs to, which is not expected from him. After Independence, one can observe that the role of the President and the Governors has been under severe criticism, and thereby undermining the highest office. Of course, I am not going to discuss the powers of the President of India. Two weeks back Uday India did a cover story on “Who will stay here after July?” (President House), and also we published the analyses of experts, regarding the aspiring candidates for the highest post. I am very surprised to observe one thing during the last and this presidential elections. All the political parties, both NDA and UPA, are sincerely striving hard to search a suitable ‘Muslim candidate’. I mean our political class is very proud and comfortable to select and honour a person by offering him the highest constitutional post, maybe for President’s or Vice President’s post, so that they would be known as secular parties. Before every election, our political parties, now the BJP too has joined the race, bring out a secular manifesto. Before the last UP assembly elections, the UPA-2 had played a masterstroke through one of its Oxford-educated Union Ministers Salman Khurshid, who announced the extended quota system for Muslims. The election result was a big flop for the Congress party. After losing the election, the Gandhi scion Rahul proudly announced that he was a ‘Pundit’. See, I am not an anti-Muslim and no one in this country is anti-Muslim, and our Muslim brethren don’t have any ill-feeling for the Hindus. A section of the ‘Dirty Political Class’ is repeatedly planning propagandas to divide our society, community and finally divide our country again. It seems that a particular leadership has a sinister design to divide the country again. History repeats when one adopts a dangerous agenda for the country. The educated India, the developing India and the young India, is slowly reacting to the dangerous game plan of the divisive political parties. By announcing the name of the ‘community’ for any top post, the political parties are insulting the Muslims. They are denigrating the merits of the Muslim people, by frequently offering them small gifts, and thereby calling them ‘minorities’ and they feel insulted. During our freedom struggle, many Muslims sacrificed their lives. In Army and in the field of science and literature, our Muslim brethren are far ahead and had set an exemplary role. They don’t need the certificate of ‘minority tag’ from the political class and they do not want any more to fall in the trap of vote bank politics. If one can read the prosperity of Muslims in sixty years of Congress rule, one can find how the grand old political party is serious for the Muslim brethren. After Independence, out of total 12 Presidents of India, there are three Muslim Presidents, namely Zakir Hussain, Fakhruddin Ahmed and Dr Abdul Kalam. Mohammad Hidayatullah (former Chief Justice of India), was also acting President of India from July 20, 1969 to August 24 , 1969. So, why has the Congress party not installed any Muslim candidate as its national president since Independence? It was Pandit Nehru who borrowed the word secularism. So Madam Sonia Gandhi should take inspiration from Nehru, and should select a Muslim candidate for the post of president for Indian National Congress, to make INC a secular party.

This week I had a meeting with a very senior parliamentarian, a former Union Minister, during Indira Gandhi’s Prime Ministership, a Maharaja of a princely state, Madhya Pradesh, who during his discussion, candidly admitted that in our own country, the Hindus treated like they are second class citizens. The government and political parties, all are hell bent on offending the Hindus, playing with their sentiments, beliefs and culture, in Hindustan. Hindus are forced to be more tolerant, which may have dangerous implications in future, as history says.

We all expect from the political class to select or elect a suitable candidate for the post of President of India, for our great nation, on the basis of merit, not community, who can understand the people of Hindustan, respect the sentiments of Indian people, and he should have a vast vision for a Developed India. As India has to lead the world in 21stcentury, President of India has a major role to play in guiding the world.

Deepak Kumar Rath

Deepak Kumar Rath

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