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Doggy Affair

Updated: March 21, 2015 3:34 pm

India that is Bharat

TALKING about happy words, it was happy news for Satiricus to learn in the recent past that there is a dog somewhere in the west who knows as many as a thousand words. But is his linguistic happiness shared by the whole world that has gone to the dogs? That has now become a cause for canine concern in view of the fact that a European court has ordered a dog not to bark at night. Far from being a shaggy dog story, this has actually recently happened. In a village in the European country of Croatia a neighbor of villager Anton filed a court case against Anton’s dog Medo for affecting her health by barking at night. Accepting the plaint the court ordered Medo to stop barking at night. Anton had defended Medo by arguing that “he barks normally like any dog does. He barks when he sees a cat, or if an unknown comes to his territory”. Unfortunately for Medo this defence proved too weak to find him “not guilty”. Maybe had this particular dog been linguistically learned enough to

argue his own case his happy words would have led to a happy verdict. The moral of the story: Dogs must befriend cats, and not bark at them. Another moral of the same story: The world must stop going (only) to the dogs. It should go to the cats as well.

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