Sunday, February 5th, 2023 00:27:44

Dogged Affairs

Updated: April 18, 2015 3:05 pm

SATIRICUS’s firm belief that it is good for the world to go to the dogs, as it is currently doing, is growing firmer by the day – but with an amendment. Now it seems to him that while the world going to the dogs is good for people, it is even better for dogs. They are even acquiring celebrity status – something Satiricus could never hope for. For the other day a dog was reportedly interviewed on the BBC. How the interview went Satiricus does not know, but surely it must have splendidly gone to the dogs. What questions the dognitary was asked and what answers he gave is also not known, but Satiricus can well imagine what they could be. For example: What do you think of a man leading a dog’s life? Answer: It means the man is leading a better life than the life he was leading as a man. Again: What quality should a man have to succeed in life? Answer: Dogged determination. Yet again: Why don’t Muslims like dogs? Ans.: Well, maybe because it was a Hindu dog who could go to heaven with Yudhishthira on his last journey. Any more questions, and the dog may have declined to answer them, saying he was dog-tired. Finally Satiricus wonders….is this BBC interview of a dog just a shaggy dog story? It depends on how shaggy this dog was.

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