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Doctor Par Excellence

Updated: March 27, 2010 12:28 pm

As I stepped in Ghaziabad, sprawled along National Highway 24, I could view the sky-high buildings, malls and small nursing homes, but no hospital that promises quality healthcare, until I spotted Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital (PCH). It is one such hospital in the NCR that provides all kinds of state-of -the-art facilities under one single roof. This is made possible by Dr Vinay Aggarwal, Chairman and Managing Director of PCH, Vice-President of Indian Medical Association and well known for his “Save the Girl Child” and “Aao Gaon Chalen” campaigns.

            The tale of PCH reflects how one can reach the pinnacle if one has grit and determination to achieve one’s aim. Having established his practice, Dr Aggarwal purchased a small plot of land in a small locality of East Delhi to set up a hospital of his dreams. “I handpicked a team of like-minded professionals and simultaneously on one hand carried on my practice, while on the other hand, started construction of my hospital on the land purchased. Since the entire belt of Eastern Delhi as well as Western UP has no multi super-specialty hospital, this area is mostly fed by small nursing homes. PCH has therefore brought the international health care system to the people at their doorsteps,” Dr Aggarwal said.

            Dr Aggarwal has no hesitation in pointing out that he came from a lower-middle class family, went through rough days during his academic years and problem related to the affordability and accessibility of healthcare system when his father had been hospitalised for nine months to undergo surgical treatment of paraplegia. The whole experience spurred him to build up an affordable hospital with international healthcare system. “Developing an affordable and efficient healthcare system was my aim, whenever I look back, I remember my father lying on the hospital bed, which re-ignited the fire in me to attain my goal. I balance preventive and curative measures and establishing an enduring doctor-patient relationship has been my vision,” emphasised Dr Aggarwal.

            When asked about the diseases afflicting the people the most in the country, he said: “The lifestyle diseases are emerging as the silent killers. And the prominent ones are cancer, diabetes, hypertension, etc. There are several lifestyle changes and through early detection of diseases one can reduce the severity of the symptoms and help heal the diseases. In our country, health infrastructure, particularly in the government sector, leaves much to be desired. As a large number of people are deprived of medical facilities, we need to evolve a system of an ideal mix of the private and government sectors to make available reasonably good medical care to the people at affordable cost. Hence we started the campaign Aao Gaon Chale campaign.” Highlighting the lack in number of doctors, Dr Aggarwal said: “India needs 15 lakh doctors but we just have five times less than the required number.”

            As the founder of PCH, Dr Aggarwal, with the support of a very vibrant and experienced team of doctors, leads the healthcare at PCH to new frontiers of excellence. Despite being such a big personality Dr Aggarwal is very down-to-earth man. His next move is to train the policemen so that they could provide the trauma and accident-related patients with the basic aid.

By Vaishali Tanwar

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