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DIL ki Baat Hai

Updated: February 12, 2016 1:22 pm

What must Amar Singh be thinking when Mulayam Singh said: “ Amar Singh party mein nahin hain magar dil mein hain.” Amar Singh had been trying hard for the last few months to find some political base. When he stood along side Mulayam Singh while he cut birthday cake and Yadav put the first slice of the cake in Amar Singh’s mouth everyone thought his re-entry into Samajwadi Party was just a matter of time.

Significantly, both Akhilesh Yadav and Azam Khan, who reportedly dislike Amar Singh, albeit for different reasons, were conspicuously missing. And Akhilesh it seems minced no words in telling his father that the former wizard who benefited the party but also created a few controversies was not welcome as far as he was concerned.

It seems Akhilesh put his foot down and refused to let the “the man who divides and rules” get back into the party. Amar met Akhilesh but it seems Amar Singh could not melt chief minister’s heart.

He is now again rootless. What will he do with an old man keeping him in his heart? But one can never predict anything about Amar Singh. He has many tricks up his sleeves. And he is the best man to raise fund, and this is one talent which is much needed come elections.

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