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Digital & E-Commerce Marketing Online Revolution

Updated: March 22, 2017 12:13 pm

Gone are the days when companies used to believe in the traditional way of marketing of their products, with rapid growth in this sector it seems like finally, India is making some radical shifts towards the demand of the current generation.  The young Gen-Xers who are tech-savvy have convinced the marketers to re-think their marketing strategy.

Despite the fact that marketers have a wealth of demographics data available to the potential customers, the marketers have lagged behind the traditional way of marketing with the new generation customers.

The introduction of digital marketing & e-commerce strategy in India is fresh and exciting for the new young Gen-Xers, which also sometimes make them way ahead of the market in terms of information about the product.

The eager customers are aware of the new products, launches, manufacture information and it has also helped in increasing the exposure towards the international brands. More and more companies are tapping the internet and social media platforms to help their businesses flourish, leading to an increased demand for digital marketing executives. Around 1.5 lakh jobs in the digital marketing field are expected to come up in the next couple of years, according to human resource experts.

Talking about social media marketing, mobile marketing, online marketing, lifestyle marketing, etc, it seems as if all of them have evolved in the digital marketing & e-commerce competitive market. As per survey more than 40 million customers access the internet from their smartphones/mobile device or I-pads and these numbers are increasing day by day in India.

Since its inception, the mainstream digital marketing tools till 2009-2010 were Facebook/Twitter but lately, it has fully grown mature with its latest incorporations with Google+, Websites and YouTube. Not to forget WhatsApp, LinkedIn and also Pinterest to the list. Competition today is coming in all shapes, sizes, and locations.

Before the globalisation of Internet era, the competition was often right across the street and it was limited. Today, competition is no longer restricted to location. Tele-operators like Reliance, Airtel, Vodafone etc.

are making a whole lot of efforts to reach the masses with maximum productivity and user-friendly economical packages.

Today, while sitting at one place, a person can study the products he/she wants to buy, check the review by the other buyers of the same product and with just a click of a mouse the product reaches to him/her. All this might just take less than 10 mins of your valuable time, it can’t get easier than this.

Online marketing of all types offers superior measurability and trackability in comparison to traditional tactics. This is of course due to the nature of the Web, where every mouse click

is tracked. In this way, online marketing provides companies with the ability to test a wide array of tactics, evaluation of which generates the best response, and then adjust the marketing program accordingly.

In the conclusion, it seems, while moving forward the technology in future will take us humans to 100 per cent digital emotionless drive, but still,  this country will always move with the emotions attached… or not is what the future has kept unveiled.

By Tushar Ranjan  

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