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Updated: June 16, 2012 2:07 pm

Following over a seven rupee hike in petrol prices, the government had to bear the brunt of a common man and political parties alike. But the government was miffed when its own allies hit roads the against the decision. In one such incident when Trinmool Congress leader Mamata Banerjee announced to go on a ‘pad yatra’ (foot march), a senior Congress leader told her, “Agar hum raste par utar aaye to aapko bhagne ke liye bhi jagah nahin milegi.” (If we decide to walk down the road, you will get no space on the road).

‘Prize’ For Good Work

Uttar Pradesh chief minister Akshilesh Yadav ordered suspension of 56 officials following reports of irregularities in wheat procurement. Akhilesh also held a meeting to review an ongoing wheat purchase in the state and took action after going through the reports of his ministers. During meeting, he was informed that as against target of procuring 42 lakh MT wheat (for the whole year), 28 lakh MT has been purchased which was 25 per cent higher than the corresponding period last year. Surprising, those who have been suspended explained, “This is the incentive of good work. Since we procured more than the target, we face the action.”


BJP’S True Colours

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, who is accused of complacency in the 2002 Gujarat riots, is making efforts to bring Muslims towards BJP. Modi has announced to hold a meeting of state BJP Minority Cell at Staff Training College in Gandhinagar to “ponder” over the ways to bring Muslims to BJP. Hearing this a senior Congress leader said, “Election wale saal main to achche achchon ka rang badalate dekha hai, is baar bhagwa ka number hai.” (We have seen people changing colour in the election year, it is now the turn of the saffron). Incidentally Gujarat goes to the assembly polls later this year.



Finally, the secret of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s silence has come out. It was none other than Singh who shared this strategy (to remain silent) with the journalists, who accompanied him to Myanmar. On his way from Myanmar to Delhi, journalists asked Singh about Gen Singh’s recent TV interviews in which he was critical of the government. The Army Chief had also alleged that his letter to the PM was leaked by the civilian officials. Singh obliged the journalists with a single statement, “Sometimes silence is a golden rule.” Despite attempts by the journalists to make him explain the golden words, Singh moved on to the next question.


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