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Didi In Doldrums

Updated: February 7, 2015 5:30 am

Didi seems to be getting deeper and deeper in the whirlpool BJP has been dragging her to. The defection of her cadres to the BJP was alarming but now her ministers are set to resign. This could lead to the collapse of her government. It had started in a trickle. One minister had resigned and joined the BJP. But now sources said four more would leave any moment. No wonder Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is getting increasingly desperate, unable to find a way to stem the flight of both her ministers and cadre. Reportedly, she has reverted to curbing BJP workers drive for party membership. This invariably leads to violence. Yet hundreds of thousands of TMC members have joined BJP. The number is swelling so fast that at the next state Assembly election the saffron party is expected to do very well, either it may snatch power from Didi or become the main Opposition. The Left having lost its moorings, is as bewildered as Didi is now.

Gone are her popular slogans, her smiles and the strength to counter anti- party activities. BJP President Amit Shah has addressed two massive rallies in Kolkata, and at all these meets he has indulged in direct attacks on Mamata Banerjee. At the first rally, he warned Mamata Banerjee that he had come to Kolkata to get her out of the Writers Building. At a recent rally, he told her that the BJP would be the next party to govern the state. The BJP could make inroads into virtually a Didi’s bastion allegedly because of rampant corruption, oppression by party cadres in rural areas and her open bias for minority community. The Saradha chit-fund scandal in which the CBI has arrested MPs, a Minister and other close aides of Didi has been the last straw. Her ministers and other party leaders are apprehensive that she too might be in serious trouble in the Saradha chit-fund investigation. If that happens, the government would collapse leading to the President’s Rule. It is a mute question, can she stage a comeback? The answer to the question is difficult, but the fact that there are no takers of odds in her favour does not augur well for her.

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