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Didi and Lal Salam Dadas

Updated: May 3, 2016 11:51 am

Mamata Bannerji is known as the barefooted Marxist. There is very little to distinguish between her and the Marxists. Both are natural street protesters, both are adept at raising cadres. And there is very little to differentiate between her activists and that of the Commies. Both can and they do when their party occupies Writers Building to terrorise countryside.

In the ongoing assembly election, there has been record turnout despite a large number of violent incidents. Most analysts feel, and surveys endorse them, Didi’s tenancy of the Writers Building will be extended by the electorate for another five years. There were forecasts by a few others who felt neither Didi nor CPM will get enough seats to be able to form the government on their own. They also said that the Congress, which has fought the election courtesy CPM, will not be able to help the Left enter the Writers Building because it is not likely to secure more than 25 seats. If there is really a hung Assembly, but if TMC can form the  government with BJP’s support, the two will combine without much sweat. |

But if more number of MLAs are needed then Didi will have to put her ego aside and seek help of the Congress. And that could seriously affect the power play at the Centre.

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