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Updated: May 19, 2012 4:28 pm

In today’s world our lifestyles, food habits and sleeping patterns have changed giving way to lots and lots of health problems. Though we have all the comforts in the world, still we are not happy as our forefathers and to some extent even our parents were. Because we don’t use our energy to the full extent. It is necessary to do that to burn the calories. We sometimes postpone going out to watch an episode of our favorite serial. The same is the case with children. They hardly find time to go out and play. Lack of physical activity leads to obesity. We do shopping but we won’t sweat as the markets are fully air-conditioned. Sweating brings out all the impurities through the pores of our skin. These are some of the reasons that lead us to health problems. The most common amongst them is diabetes. Most people are prone to it at a very young age. At least 6 out of 10 that visit your house may prefer having tea without sugar and avoid eating sweets. It is sad to note that India has the highest number of diabetic patients in the world according to an International Journal of Diabetes in Developing Countries.

This sugar disease occurs when our body (pancreas) becomes weak and won’t be in a position to produce sufficient insulin. Symptoms: Depression of face and jaws, shooting pain in legs and calves, feeling sweetness in mouth, frequent urination, burning sensation in hands and legs, increased hunger and thirst etc . are some of the symptoms of diabetes. Prolonged high blood glucose can cause blurred vision as glucose gets absorbed in the lens of the eye. The below given are some of the natural remedies to get relief from diabetes. The Indian gooseberry (amla) is the best cure for any ailment.

few combinations to cure diabetes

►    Take good quality turmeric powder and add amla powder in equal quantity, mix well and store in a bottle. Take one spoon with warm water one hour before food, twice daily. For children you may give ¼ spoon.

►    Take 4 or 5 pieces of amla along with two or three tulasi (holy Basil) leaves and soak in a glass of water over night and drink this water in the morning. This will not only relieve you of diabetes but also gives relief from urinary, skin problems and strengthens your bones, eyes and teeth.

►    Soak a handful of amla pieces overnight and make paste in the morning. Now apply this paste to your body wait for 20 minutes and then take bath. You will be free of diabetes and your skin will glow.

►    Take 1kg amla juice and 1kg sugar candy powder and cook on a low flame. Cook till honey like consistency is obtained. After cooling store in a bottle and mix 2/3 spoons of it in a cup of cold water (stored in a pot) and drink twice a day morning and evening. For children ½ spoon to one spoon can be given.

►    Cinnamon too if taken regularly controls diabetes. It is found to convert the glucose into energy and also blocks out free radicals. The effects of the herb in controlling the blood sugar levels are amazing.

►    Fenugreek seed powder is known to reduce the blood sugar levels significantly and also reduce triglycerides.

►    The juice of bitter gourd is found to have positive effects on the elevated sugar levels in the body.

►    Take 100g of besan, 50g of barley powder, 3 pinches of jeera powder, 3 pinches of azwain powder, 3 pinches of pepper and 3 pinches of sendha lavan (rock salt) now mix all these with water and make a roti with cow ghee on sim flame. Eat this roti by chewing 32 times. You may take less quantity to make a small roti. This also gives relief from diabetes on regular use.

If you are already under medication and want to start any of the above natural treatments, be sure to inform your physician about this.

Have full faith in naturopathy which is now approved world wide. You will definitely find the difference.

By Nibhanapudi Suguna

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