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Dhananjaya Vs. Advani; Bsy Vs. Dhananjaya

Updated: May 11, 2013 12:45 pm

One is taking out his 14-year old anger and frustration; the other is trying to mollify him, in order to keep the future options open, for the next coming days. One’s has a no-holds-barred diatribe, unmindful of the consequences; the other has a carefully crafted move, not to further antagonise and invite more wrath. Enough of oblique references. One is none other than V Dhananjaya Kumar, senior leader of the Karnataka Janata Paksha (KJP) and the other is his leader B S Yeddyurappa.

For the second time in two days, Dhananjaya Kumar has taken pot shots against BJP senior leader L K Advani by saying that the latter’s children used to take money regularly from Yeddyurappa during his stint as chief minister of Karnataka. Yeddyurappa was quick to put Dhananjaya Kumar on the mat. “There is no truth in what Dhananjaya Kumar has said. I will find out from him what exactly he has said and why,” Yeddyurappa remarked at Gulbarga, minutes after Dhananjaya Kumar’s comments was aired by the electronic media from Bangalore. Yeddyurappa went a step further and said, “I sincerely apologise for the remarks made by Dhananjaya Kumar.”

But what is inexplicable is that inspite of Yeddyurappa’s chiding, Dhananjaya Kumar, on Wednesday, reiterated his statement that Advani’s children took money from Yeddyurappa and said he would not retract from his statement. “I stand by what I have said,” Dhananjaya Kumar said, thus defying his leader’s clarification. What is going on between the two?

Dhananjaya Kumar, obviously, is taking out his 14-year old frustration and anger against Advani, who is believed to have been instrumental in the removal of Dhananjaya Kumar from the Vajpayee ministry in 1999, perhaps, at the behest of Ananth Kumar. Dhananjaya Kumar had never got an opportunity to speak against Advani as long as he was in BJP and now that he is in KJP, he must have felt to speak out.

But inspite of his anger and anguish against Advani, why Yeddyurappa rushed to chide Dhananjaya Kumar? By apologising for Dhananjaya Kumar’s remarks, is Yeddyurappa merely taking a “factual and correct” stance or is there any political calculation to be encashed in future? It is being said that Yeddyurappa want wants to keep the options of “joining hands with BJP” open in case, Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi is to take centre-stage on the eve of the coming Lok Sabha elections. Yeddyurappa’s stance is correct in the sense that it is not politically prudent to burn all the boats.

It is not without reason that BJP national president Rajnath Singh, in his public address at Chikkodi, in Belgaum district, said that Yeddyurappa could have continued as chief minister, had he waited for some time. This is being interpreted in BJP circles that somewhere the central leadership too is not willing to discard Yeddyurappa once and for all. Yeddyurappa’s statement should be viewed in this backdrop.

By S A Hemantha Kumar from Bengaluru

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