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Devi Shakti in Sculpture

Updated: March 8, 2022 3:28 pm

“It was my cherished dream to come here. It took me more than eight months to convert my emotions and my dedication for the Devi Shakti, the women power, and could present here 64 Yoginis, Nava Graha and different forms of Devis”, says famous artist Nivedita Mishra while talking to Uday India. With tearful eyes she expressed her feelings as to how she could fulfill her cherished dream into reality. Nivedita gathered the railway slippers as the base of the sculpture and on that it connects brass made facial form of Devi Mata. Nivedita’s solo exhibition named Nitya is dedicated to her father. All the Yoginis are cast by herself and all the sculptures are placed at the Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi with a triangular form, that symbolises Devi Shakti. The Exhibition is open for public till 22 March 2022. In front of the triangular form of Yoginis, there lies a Trishul that again symbolises Shiv Shakti. Nivedita says that she had strong adherence with the primitive tribal culture and so she had tried to showcase the tribal art forms with the Yoginis. On the occasion of International Women’s Day today on 8 March Nivedita has dedicated her whole inner power and strength to display women’s power at the heart of the national capital. She says both Shiv and Shakti are one and the same and complement each other.

Nivedita is very spiritual and so she has given special focus on Goddess Kamakhya. She says: “I am most connected to Kamakhya, the Goddess of Love, with a permanent adobe in the Garbhagriha or sanctum sanctorum of the Kamakhya temple, the holy site where Sati’s womb fell. Every year during aashadh (June) the Brahmaputra river near the temple turns crimson.

Kamakhya Devi is known as the bleeding Goddess who has the power to generate and regenerate life, symbolic to the power of creation that every woman possesses. My black marble and granite sculpture of Kamakhya Devi is my homage to the Devi and to the mortals who imbibe this unique feminine power of creation.”

Seeing is believing. One cannot imagine how Nivedita has made sculptures of various Devi forms of legs, ears, mouth, nose and eyes, that are worshipped at Kali Ghat, Kolkatta, Naina Devi and at other places. Each sculpture weighs not less than 100 kg, and each has got a unique natural look. Most fascinating was the show of Satwik, who offered turmeric powder to 64 Yoginis with a facing form and musical sound that represents Devi Shakti. The outer layer of eyes was painted with red outline that again symbolises the Goddess. Many prominent national and international artists were also present on the occasion and showered their accolades on the great artist Nivedita. The whole atmosphere was filled with spiritual power. It is worth mentioning that one must visit her solo show to get the blessings of the Goddess and how a sculpture can express her feelings through her art forms.


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