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Dev Sanskriti University (DSU)

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Gaytrikunj, Shantikunj, Haridwar-249 411

(Establishment of a University for the Cultural Renaissance of the Globe)


Born out of the dream vision of Chief Patron Vedmorthi Taponistha Pt. Shri Ram Sharma, the University grooms its students with the combination of education (Shiksha) and spiritual wisdom (Vidya) with a view to create well-balanced human beings—selfless, warm hearted, compassionate, courageous and competent—with a view to creating value-based society.

University At A Glance

The University is situated on the bank of the holy river Ganges and in the lap of sacred Himalayan region. The University was established in the year 2002, by an act of Uttarakhand government and duly recognised by the University Grants Commission, Govt. of India (UGC). It is self-financed through contribution from society. It is fully residential with a provision for accommodation for about 1,000 students. The lecturers and professors of various Universities in India and abroad offer their expertise, guidance and wisdom to the students. The focus here is on blending spiritual practices, in everyday life, with a scientific approach. Here students are driven by values, ethics and principles, and are groomed to be socially conscious. The University has revived the Vedic ceremony of Gyan Diksha to the new students where senior students give a warm welcome to the resher/newcomers and cooperate and respect each other is the first of its kind being progressed by DSU .

DSU Environment

The 84-acres lush green campus at the lap of Great Himalayas and bank of river Ganga is located on NH 58.

            The unique design of construction like, Sri Ram Bhawan, Parn Kutir and other building outlook based on uniformity gives tremendous sense of satisfaction to visitors.

Activities For Achieving Excellence:

Spiritual ambience with regular classes on the Gita, meditation and life management. Separate laboratories with modern equipments for Psychotherapy, Yoga Therapy, Yagna Therapy, Ayurveda, Panchkarm, Naturopathy, etc. Organising Yoga camps on periodic basis. Village adoption and model village development program for ushering in a new social order. The students undergo internship program for three months after the completion of their studies and contribute their time to social development. The University encourages interdisciplinary research in the field of Psychology, Yogic Sciences, Indian Culture, Spiritual Tourism and Mass Communication. Research Scholars are also registered in the faculty of oriental studies on the topic related to various aspects of Vedic Sciences and its solutions to the present-day problems. At present, about 150 students are working as Research scholars, out of which 61 have been awarded PhD.

Basic Courses Offered Master Degree Courses

Clinical Psychology, Yogic Science and Holistic Health, Applied Yoga and Holistic Health, Indian Culture, Tourism Studies, Journalism and Mass Communication, Computer Science, Applied Education

Any three subjects of the following

B.A.: Psychology, Indian Culture,

English literature, Sanskrit, Yogic Sciences & Human Consciousness

B.Sc.: Yogic Sciences & Human Consciousness, Psychology, Computer Application

Post Graduate Diploma

Human Consciousness and Therapy, Journalism and Mass Communication, 3D Animation & Visual Effects,


Certificate Courses

Yogic Science, Holistic Health Management, Theology, Rural Management, Water Management, Jyotish Piyush

Note: Life management is Compulsory and integral part of each of the courses.

Note: Besides the subjects, a student has to clear the following general   courses:

Life Management, Scientific Spirituality, English Communication Skills

Distance Education

Family Management, Indian culture, Personality Refinement, Foundation course in Yogic Science, Health Conservation

Unique Internship Program And Its Achievements    

Internship program, the rarest of its kind, was initiated by Dev Sanskriti University in 2002. After completion of studies, the students donate their time on field to get true picture and validate the learning of DSU into solving society challenges. This is unique revival of ancestral practice of offering to society and there after going for own development with confidence. By September 2010, 15 internship programs have been successfully accomplished in which 2,824 boys and girls students have participated. More than 14,500, (5 days) Yoga Camps and 35,000 different programs have been organised in rural & urban areas comprising more than 25 states of the country by 771 internship groups. Every year about 500 educated youth of DSU devote and donate their time for at least 3 months. Students also initiated several self-health service centres, which promote the message of DSU as well. The young students organise more & more program among the young generations in schools and colleges. Through this campaign the message of Yug Nirman promoted by Shantikunj has reached out to about 48 lakh adolescent youth of the country, who earlier knew little about DSU & Yug Nirman Mission. The unique aspect is that local students, who had participated in Bhartiya Sanskriti Gyan Pariksha, became truly inspired by listening to the senior students of the internship groups. Internship group even brings awareness among the masses through yug-sahitya (literature written by Pt. Shri Ram Sharma Acharya). Noble thoughts and ideas are made available to more than 50,000 people in every internship. About 25,000 stickers (thought of Pt. Shri Ram Sharma Acharya) were pasted on Trains & Buses. Even in toilets of trains, inspiring slogans were written with permanent marker, erasing the abusive words already written on the walls. During internship students perform Yagya and different Sanskars (a ritual which strengthen the qualitative improvement in the human life) among the people and thus contribute, to spread the message of thought revolution. They also motivated several people to subscribe for magazines published by Shantikunj like Dev Sanskriti Jansanchar Karayakaram, Akhand Jyoti & Yug Nirman Yojana for their own improvement.

Future Plan

The establishment of 500 beds hospitals with high quality facility along with R & D centre. Online education scheme is being initiated by the University. Initiation of Media Centre Headquarter with Sub-Headquarter for the welfare of the masses. Progress of the M.O.U.s already signed with several reputed educational institutes of the world to promote research & education program. Establishment of colleges as the branch of the University in each district of the Country. Opening of Degree College affiliated with DSU.

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