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Demoralisation of young working women

Updated: November 19, 2015 11:33 am

The long-going and popular serial Diya Aur Bati Hum has time and again shown that the mother-in-law, Bhao, can insult and torture her daughter-in-law, Sandhya, an IPS officer who is nationally acclaimed as the bravest of the brave officers who serve the country, risking her life and honour. In the latest episodes the mother-in law is also pushing another woman to replace Sandhya as her husband, Suraj’s new wife. And how is Sandhya shown to be reacting—sobbing, pleading and touching Bhao’s feet and seeking Bhaos pardon.

What a disgrace in the present times, is a working daughter-in-law supposed to cringe and cower to mother-in-laws of Bhao kind—heartless, despotic, foul-mouthed and a dictator who cannot be restrained by her long-suffering husband? He is shown murmuring his objection to Bhao’s antics but one glare from his mother and he shuts up. It seems this rather obnoxious lady has bamboozled all her sons and their wives into utter subservience. The message from the serial is that mother in-law must be obeyed—no harm in that but in-laws who insult and degrade a daughter-in-law have to be restrained. This is the kind who burn and kill for dowry.

This serial is showing even bhao’s son Suraj as mute spectator of his mother’s unspeakable tirade and insults hurled at wife Sandhya. Do husbands have no responsibility and duty to the woman who has come to another family because of their spouses? When alone he mutters sweet nothings to Sandhya, assuring his sobbing wife that everything would be sorted out. The word impotent comes to mind when one sees Suraj, standing with his eyes looking down and listening to the outbursts of his mother with an impassive face.

The scriptwriter and director must do some introspection. If their attempt is to show how dutiful bahus are, please do so while ensuring that their self-respect is not hurt.

The bulk of viewers are women and they are the ones who believe that the things shown on the TV are in vogue and must be followed. The message from this serial is that saas is always right, she has the authority to stomp on bahus and husbands like Suraj have to submit to their mothers. This is the kind who connives with their mothers in dowry burning.

Diya Aur Bati Hum had started off so well as family drama, hopefully it will revert back to clean entertainment.

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