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Delhi witnesses Shraddha-like murder

Updated: February 15, 2023 2:40 pm

In Delhi, once again the case of the brutality of a crazy lover has come to the fore, in which a man killed his girlfriend. Not only this, he kept the girl’s dead body in the fridge of his dhaba for several days. This whole incident brought back memories of the Shraddha murder case that took place in the capital itself. In this case, the accused killed his girlfriend in the same way and after that kept the pieces of her dead body in the fridge for several months. Now in this new case also the police are probing from many such angles.

The man, who killed his girlfriend just before his marriage, first kept the body in the fridge and then married another girl. The dead body remained in the fridge for several days. Now the question is arising as to why the accused Sahil had hidden the dead body of the girl for so many days. Police are also probing from this angle whether Sahil was thinking of dismembering the dead body of this girl like Shraddha?

Here it is worth mentioning, a girl named Nikki Yadav was murdered in Mitrau village of Baba Haridas Nagar police station in Delhi. This murder was carried out by a youth named Sahil Gehlot, a resident of the village, who has been arrested. Police say that there was a deep friendship between Sahil and the girl and they had also lived in a live-in. However, on February 10, Sahil was married to another girl. When the girl came to know about this, she opposed this marriage because she wanted to marry Sahil. No one in Sahil’s family was ready for this. After which a dispute started between Sahil and Nikki regarding this matter. Meanwhile, Sahil strangulated her to death. After the murder, he took the dead body to his dhaba and hid it in a fridge there.

Nikki’s father said that he has a motor repairing business in Gurugram. The daughter’s phone had been getting switched off since last Saturday morning. When he could not talk to his daughter, he spoke to Nikki’s friend. Her friend told him that she last saw Nikki with Sahil. After this, he asked Sahil’s friends for his number. Then called Sahil and asked for Nikki’s information.

According to Sunil Yadav, Nikki’s father, Sahil told him that Nikki had gone to Dehradun and Mussoorie for a three-day holiday. However, during the conversation, Sahil was talking differently. He said that he is getting married and is currently busy with the same. At the same time, when he called Sahil’s parents, they said that they do not know any Nikki.

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