Friday, January 27th, 2023 03:25:19

Delhi witnesses freezing cold, chillier than Mussoorie-Nainital

Updated: January 7, 2023 4:50 pm

For the past few days, in Delhi, areas around it and the whole of North India, cold has created furore. Due to which the life of the common people is disturbed. Notably, the daily increasing cold in Delhi has left a lot of impact on the traffic. Owing to this, trains, buses, auto rickshaws, airplanes are facing a lot of problems. Due to dense fog on Friday and Saturday morning, the airport authority has issued an advisory for the passengers.

The whole of North India is shivering due to cold and cold waves. Delhi and NCR areas are also in the grip of cold waves. On an average, the minimum temperature is being recorded below 5 degree Celsius in Delhi. Chill has increased due to the continuous cold winds. Although Delhi’s winter is famous for centuries, this time the falling mercury has crossed the limits.

The minimum temperature in the country’s capital, Delhi, has reached even lower than hill stations like Shimla, Mussoorie, Nainital. The mercury dropped below 2 degrees Celsius at some places in Delhi. The minimum temperature today (Saturday) at Safdarjung 2.2°C, Lodhi Road 2.0°C, Ridge 1.5°C has been recorded. The minimum temperature of 1.8 degree Celsius was recorded in Aya Nagar area on 6th January.

It is noteworthy that Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi, has issued an advisory in view of low visibility because of fog, due to which many flights were canceled or their routes were changed. In an advisory issued to passengers on Saturday, airport authorities said several procedures have been put in place at the airport to deal with the threat of low visibility at the airport. All flight operations are normal at present.

The Meteorological Department has issued a warning for Punjab and Haryana. There will be severe winter havoc for the coming few days. The dip in mercury has signalled the onset of a harsh, unforgiving. And like every year, street urchins, rag pickers, shoeshine boys and small time vendors are the worst hit. Without a single piece of warm clothings they brave the cold on Delhi’s streets, day in and day out.

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