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Delhi MCD Out Of ‘Hand’

Updated: May 5, 2012 10:26 am

Scams galore! Following all corrupt practices and rocketing prices that rob the pockets of the aam aadmi, the Congress party had to pay the price by coming down flat on the nose in the MCD elections once again. Instead BJP came out blooming in saffron colour with a thumping majority in all the three newly-created municipal corporations in the capital; South, North and East. Sandeep Dixit humbly admitted the defeat on a sincere note saying that the Centre’s policies, scams and hike in essential commodities are the culprit contributed to this colossal loss in the election. As Congress was determined to win North and South Corporations comfortably, in the East, the BJP looked more confident of emerging as the single largest party, but all in vain.

BJP Headquarters 11 Ashoka Road remained abuzz with a party time and drenched in euphoric celebrations, party workers danced and the candidates expressed exultation whereas on the other hand the Delhi Congress Headquarters remained rather deserted during most of the day. JP Aggarwal DPCC who claimed to rule the Municipal Corporations with three mayors was not available for comment. In the three regions that the MCD is now divided into, the BJP managed a great performance in North Delhi and the ones in South and East Delhi. This is the first municipal election after the MCD was divided.


MCD defeat is a close call and if the Congress party continues with its high headed attitude with unscrupulous elements around, the future is bleak and many more defeats may be underway. Every Muslim is not a terrorist but every terrorist turns out to be a Muslim in the end, why? Spoken coherently by Maulana Arshad Madani, chief cleric of Daru Uloom Deoband. No denying, that the system needs reforms in terms of its perspective, vision and above all typed frozen mindsets. In this secular land and democratic system where the line of demarcation is getting even more prominent with time ticking by that makes one breathe in fear. Cases like Soharbuddin and Kausar Bi, Ishrat Jahan and Batla House police encounter have hogged the limelight but then where the answers are. ‘ATS, Cell and other wings of the police machinery have chinks and need to be plugged before. I want the Batla House encounter to be probed by the CBI. I emphatically state if one is found guilty of a terror strike or any breach of patriotism he must be penalized. How about that police officer, who has executed and ruined one’s peace and career, will the government prosecute him too?’

Madani made it loud and clear. Furthermore he added, ‘the Congress party is the only party that not only can lead the country to the state of progressive India on the global map but also drive it on a secular runway with peace, harmony and brotherhood only if it wishes to do, its focus seems blurred because of some dishonest people surround it. ‘ On being asked about the ruling UPA particularly the Congress which merely uses the minorities as a vote bank, he promptly replied, ‘no, you cannot say that if they have promised they have done too, though not speedily. l.’ Maulana feels that the whole system is crippled and the government must see through the truth. He believes that the stance towards the changes in the police machinery be looked into. ‘It’s better late than never if the Congress does not mend its ways keeping in view the UP and in Delhi’s MCD setbacks, I think there is no tomorrow for Congress.’ Maulana concludes.


Cry of revolt in a chorus was rather common to those who were denied the party tickets. They thought that the party seemed biased. The party appeared least bothered about considering the efforts and works of a genuine and legitimate candidate who worked for the party over so many years. Though politics and money go hand in hand, sycophancy also plays a role vital enough to alter the polling surface and it decides the turf irrespective of who’s who. Intelligent politicos never discard financiers, colonizers, real estate and school wallahs they are much more than an eye candy and whole dear to them above all. Such elements are not only a part of his coterie but also help netaji invest in towering projects with mammoth returns. Polity plays different mischievous cards but in general money is the triumph card.

Bhartiya Janta Party has grabbed the MCD berth and even kept the place intact in these corporation polls. In addition, Congress might have a tough time in the Delhi assembly; pundits say that BJP (NDA coalition) is going to sit at the Centre in general elections due in 2014.

Taking a closer look at the distribution of electoral tickets, it was seen that those who had actually worked on the ground had to remain deprived of being felicitated with the ticket from the party, not only had the Congress but also the BJP pleased the flatterers and moneyed candidates which left a bitter taste in the mouths of those who were the standing (winning) candidates and expected of victory as sure as eggs is eggs but they were denied the party ticket . Some rebelled either by standing an independent candidate to spoil the scene or preferred voting for BJP.

In the heat of rush, the MLAs played a balance move to avoid a stalemate. They recommended the ones who in fact helped funding their (MLAs) own election (Assembly) and also the ones who were honest and competent flatterers. They never overlook such sycophants in the crowd that thickens around at their residence. This practice makes the route easy and the ticket handy. After winning the election they rather work as an orderly to their bosses (political mentor) than what they are meant to. Whatever the equation be, Delhi MCD still remains a distant dream for Congress.


By Syed Wazid Ali

National party president Nitin Gadkari addressed the media persons, “We have won with a huge majority in all three zones. We have done a good job and Delhi people have supported us.” On being asked what the strategy would be in the Delhi Assembly and Parliamentary elections, Gadkari exuded his confidence saying, “The MCD election result will reflect in next year’s Assembly and Parliamentary polls.”

Delhi’s veteran BJP leader Vijay Goel expressed the win in his style, “Anti-incumbency was against the Congress government in Delhi and the Centre Trifurcation of MCD has not helped the Congress get any political advantage.”

On the other hand the Congress spokesperson Rashid Alvi said that, these elections should not be taken more than just MCD polls. Alvi added with emphasis, “Last time, the BJP had won the MCD polls but Congress came to power in Assembly. The Congress even went on to win all the seven Parliamentary seats. MCD polls should be seen only as MCD polls.”

On this land slide victory of BJP the former Delhi Mayor and BJP leader Arti Mehra said, “Sheila Dikshit has failed and the people of Delhi have rejected Congress outright because of some serious issues like price rise, water, sewerage and electricity.” The jubilant Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) senior party leader Venkaiah Naidu said that urban voters are unhappy with Congress and its policies. Naidu rapped Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit saying that “she wanted to weaken BJP by conspiring against it by way of splitting the MCD into three parts but she failed.”

BJP leader Vijender Gupta said that “it’s a clear referendum against the Congress, price rise and corruption. Trifurcation of the MCD was not done properly. They tried to weaken the Corporation.” Rattled by the defeat, Congress leaders spoke in different voices. While Dikshit’s son and MP from East Delhi Sandeep Dikshit blamed it on price rise and scams like 2G. Humbly admitting his party’s loss Dikshit cited price rise as the biggest reason. He said even the policies of the Centre affected the party in the local polls. He blamed the anti-incumbency factor at the Centre the culprit in the civic polls.

MCD, BMC Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation and the state assemblies in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Goa are the harbinger of a big tornado sweeping the Congress in parliament in 2014. Looking at certain startling facts, the BJP became the first party in 50 years to return to power in the civic body — the Congress had done it in 1962. The BJP won 59 of the 104 seats in North Delhi and 35 of the 64 in East Delhi. It emerged as the single largest party in South Delhi, winning 44 of the 104 seats. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said that “the MCD polls were fought on local issues. These are local elections with local issues. In every election, there are winners and losers and one has to accept it.”

CM Sheila Dikshit had personally campaigned for Congress candidates in various wards across the city. To this drubbing, she reacted saying, “This is not an election for me. It is an MCD election. When it comes to my election (assembly polls next year), my referendum will come then.”

 By Shvveta Arora




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