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Degrees of Muslimness

Updated: September 25, 2015 12:00 am

SATIRICUS is a Hindu. But is he more Hindu or less Hindu than his Hindu neighbour? He has no idea. Why? Because he is not a Muslim. Had he been a knowledgeable Muslim he would have known that there are degrees of Muslimness. For instance, a Sunni Muslim is far more Muslim than a Shia Muslim. In fact, the amount of Muslimness in a Shia Muslim is apparently so little that he is virtually an anti-Muslim.

This explains why Raza Academy, an Indian Sunni Muslim organisation, has demanded a ban on a film on the life of Mohammed directed by an Iranian and supported by the Iranian government, on the ground that it is “blasphemous for more than one reason”. One of them is that if some film-goer said the Mohammed film is bad, it would sound like Mohammed himself is bad.

Well, now, that is certainly a reasonable reason. In fact the Indian Muslims who gave this reason are exactly as pious as pak Pakistanis. For not long back, when some Pakistanis demonstrated against a police officer by name Omar and shouted ‘Down with Omar’, they were arrested—because Prophet Mohammed had an associate by that name! See? So my dear Shakespeare, when you ask, what’s in a name, the right answer is, everything—when it is a Muslim name.

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