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Degeneration Of Human Values And Fall Of Democracy

Updated: April 19, 2018 3:19 pm

Dear readers, it has been almost nine years that we have shared opinions, views and analysed different forms of democracy through Uday India.

Even after the rapid advent of electronic and social media, one is surprised about the persistent existence of the print media. But I can assure you, that we are getting stronger with the support of our readers. In an independent democracy, the medium is not important; it is the message that is vital.  A powerful voice does not need a loudspeaker. Every citizen in a vibrant and functional democracy  has the choice to lend his ears or not.

With the advent of technology, the message of the media is now filtered through different mediums, as each and every news sources have their own agenda to fulfill. The noble profession of journalism is  now ‘on sale’. I want to point out that in the process of selling the Fourth estate, we have auctioned the essence of Human Values, and the morality of the journalists has been distorted,  either forcefully or through appeasement. The  slow  degradation of moral values has created a monster amongst us and that has now destroyed the pious institutions of our age old democracy. The crisis of human values and moral values has landed us at the crematorium, where we have zero

reliability on each other. Crisis of Reliability has destroyed the individuals, social institutions, messed up family values, which all have ultimately a large impact now on our Democracy.

In a democracy like ours, the popular former  Chief Minister of Bihar,  Laloo Prasad is in jail  on corruption charges, he has been convicted in many cases. His extended family is neck deep in politics, and in spite of the proven charges against nearly all the members, they are still active in the political scenario and most of them are elected representatives.

Laloo Prasad is only the tip of the iceberg of the Indian political arena. Nearly all the political parties have members who  are deeply involved in various charges of corruption, including serious crimes like murder, dacoity,  kidnaping, rape and extortion. Earlier, these corrupt  and characterless persons were not encouraged to join politics, but now it  is an accepted norm, rather these credentials are an political asset. For every political party ‘winnability’ is the only criteria to choose  candidates and give party tickets.

In the last decade, it has been observed that all political parties willingly take on political leaders from other parties. This is not confined to politicians only, mafia dons, religious heads of mutts, temples and sects, powerful individuals from castes and communities etc. are welcomed with open arms. The ideology and moral quotient has  absolutely no value in politics now. Now one can see many elected members who have joined and left more than five political parties. The BJP was earlier  reluctant in choosing corrupt politicians from other parties, but now they too have joined the bandwagon and subscribe to the dictum  of winning elections, by any means.

It is an open house for leaders from SP, BSP, Congress, TMC, Left, BJD, JDU…all can now join the BJP and  get  elected with the party symbol. There is no ideological barrier, or no moral quotient in the BJP in choosing the candidates to fight the elections. While  I am  giving the example of the  BJP, this malaise is now universal amongst other political parties too.

The latest buzz is  about the BJP MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar from Unnao  in Uttar Pradesh. Kuldeep Sengar has an image of a political hooligan in Uttar Pradesh, and he had first  joined thet Congress, then BSP, then SP and now  is a BJP MLA. He has been accused of raping a minor girl last year who is  now eighteen years old. The victim’s father has lost his life while in custody, so there is a huge pressure on Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to   ensure justice.

Not only in politics, there has been moral degradation in social life too. Every morning, the newspaper headlines  scream about the murder and rape of minor girls, murder of students at schools, son murdering his parents, sister murdering her sister and brother in law, father

raping his own daughter… and what not !!! Where are we are heading? Are we only leading to a mechanical life where the soul has no place and only presence of our physical bodies? In Bharat, our shastras teaches us to follow a life of divinity, with respect and kindness to all and establishing equality in our society. The whole world is one family, and that should be the essence of our democracy, to follow, to rule and to bring ‘Ram Rajya’ for our nation. The leaders should follow the ideals of King Vikramaditya, so that the citizens would always repose faith on them.

By Deepak Kumar Rath


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