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Declare Pakistan A Terror State Right Now

Updated: February 21, 2019 9:55 am

To start with, we have already wasted a lot of time in taking any serious action against Pakistan which repeatedly has been the main mastermind behind the brutal killing of our brave soldiers since last more than three decades! Just withdrawing the Most Favoured Nation (MFN) status which we foolishly and unilaterally conferred on them about 23 years ago in 1996 tantamounts to just nothing! Why should we not declare Pakistan a terror state right now? Are we afraid of any foreign power? Is it some foreign power that is stopping us from acting decisively? Only politicians who rule in Centre can answer this!

It was Maulana Mehmood Madani who first and foremost demanded vociferously that Pakistan be declared as “Aatankistan” (terror state) and all relations with Pakistan should be nuked till they stop the proxy war against India! Many others like Rajeev Chandrashekhar as independent Rajya Sabha MP too had demanded the same and had even tried to table to bill on it but he could not gather the requisite support to get it passed! Why do our politicians don’t feel the pain of the families of slain soldiers who are killed in the most cowardly and dastardly manner as we saw just recently in Pulwama in which more than 40 CRPF soldiers were killed by a suicide bomber for which Pakistan based Jaish-e-Mohammad promptly claimed “full responsibility”!

What is even worse is that the Pakistan PM Imran Khan who is just a puppet of Pakistani Army then asks us for proof and promises action if we hand them proof! What bigger proof is needed than this that Jaish-e-Mohammad has itself claimed “full responsibility” for the same? How long will Pakistan continue to fool itself and the whole world?

Why politicians of India don’t listen to the likes of Maulana Mehmood Madani and Rajeev Chandrashekhar who want Pakistan to be declared a terror state since last many years? Why politicians are happy with just withdrawing security of 5 Hurriyat leaders and not of the remaining ten also? Why should they who wave Pakistani flags and mock at India be given security at taxpayers cost?

Why is India not building unrelenting pressure on United Nations to declare Pakistan a terror state? Why are we not withdrawing our troops from UN duty till it declares Pakistan a terror state? Why is India happy with just announcing imposition of  200 percent hike on items to be imported from Pakistan? Why should we engage in trade and business with a rogue and terror sponsor state like Pakistan?

Is this the respect and regard which we are showing for our slain soldiers? Just lighting candles or burning Pakistani flags will serve no purpose till we nuke all relations with Pakistan and stop engaging Pakistan in any form! Why are our politicians not prepared for it? Do they have any vested interest in it?

Why train service with Pakistan? Why bus service with Pakistan? Why road service with Pakistan? Why air service with Pakistan? Why open any route like Kartarpur corridor with Pakistan? Why should we not boycott Pakistan completely till they start taking serious action against terrorists?

Why don’t we announce withdrawal  from Indus Water Treaty (IWT) so that they are unable to benefit from it? Kanwal Sibal who is former Foreign Secretary known all over the world for his nationalist views very rightly advocates as pointed out in his enlightening editorial titled “Pulwama should be the last straw” in Hindustan Times dated February 19, 2019 that, “We should announce the suspension of the Indus Waters Treaty (IWT) until such time as Pakistan eliminates India-directed terrorism from its soil by verifiably putting Hafiz Saeed and Masood Azhar out of action. Externally, withdrawing Pakistan’s most favoured nation (MFN) status and raising tariffs by 200% on Pakistani exports to India has symbolic significance and will not materially affect Pakistan because our trade exchanges are very modest.” Why then are our politicians like Arun Jaitley so happy in announcing the withdrawl of MFN status and why more serious steps like suspension of Indus Water Treaty as expounded by the likes of Kanwal Sibal, many Army officers like Col VN Thapar and Maj Gen GD Bakshi among others are not being taken? Why are our politicians always reluctant to take strong steps which can really shake Pakistan to act?

No doubt, Kanwal Sibal further very rightly asks that, “If, despite larger international interests being involved, the US can abrogate the ABM Treaty, withdraw from the INF Treaty and the Paris Climate Accord, not to mention the Iran nuclear deal and China can repudiate its obligations under the Law of the Sea, why should we feel committed to a bilateral unequal IWT? The flow of water from India to Pakistan should be linked to the flow of terrorism from Pakistan to India.” Still why are politicians and Centre not doing the same? Is it under some unrelenting foreign pressure like that of United Kingdom who till 1947 were our colonial masters or some other foreign power? Why the hell do we do then act like a sovereign country? With what face do we demand permanent seat in UN Security Council when we can’t act to preserve the lives of our own brave soldiers?

Why are we not stopping all visas including medical emergency visas from Pakistan to India? Why are we not announcing stoppage of all kinds of sports, culture or any exchange or participation with Pakistan? Why are we not stopping forthwith all the ceremonial and useless Wagah border exchanges with Pakistani troops?

Why have our politicians never taken a very strong stand on Pakistan? What is it that stops them from boycotting Pakistan in all fields till it closes its terror factories operating openly in various parts under leadership of Hafiz Saeed who heads terror group Lashkar-e-Taiba, Syed Salaluddin who heads Hizbul Mujahideen and Masood Azhar who heads Jaish-e-Mohammad among others? Why do we never hear children of politicians and bureaucrats who decide to continue all kinds of trade and business with Pakistan which has killed more than one lakh soldiers in proxy war sponsored by them joining defence services and sacrificing their lives for this nation whom they pretend to love more than their own lives? Why just lip service alone?

Why do we not step up pressure on UN to declare Pakistan a terror state? We all know that Iran’s Revolutionary Guards has accused “Pakistan’s security forces” of supporting the perpetrators of a suicide bombing that killed 27 troops just recently in  a bus in the volatile southeastern province of Sistan-Baluchistan, which straddles the border with Pakistan in a similar pattern just like our security vehicle was targeted in Pulwama in which more than 40 soldiers were killed.  Mohammad Ali Jafari who is Revolutionary Commander and General of Iran while referring to jihadist group Jaish-al-Adl clearly and convincingly stated that, “Pakistan’s government, who has housed these anti-revolutionaries and threats to Islam, knows where they are and they are supported by Pakistan’s security forces. If (the Pakistan government) does not punish them, we will retaliate against this anti-revolutionary force, and whatever Pakistan sees will be the consequence of its support for them.”

Just declaring Jaish a terror outfit is not the solution! Pakistan has to be first and foremost declared a terror state. But our politicians ruling in Centre are just showing no interest in taking any initiative in this regard just like the previous governments and this is the real tragedy of India! Stop submitting dossiers! Start hurting Pakistan where it hurts them the most like by withdrawing from Indus water Treaty and ordering all Pakistanis to immediately leave India!

Why did it take so long to withdraw MFN status from Pakistan which does not affect Pakistan much? Why so much of inordinate delay in withdrawing security cover and that too from just 5 Hurriyat leaders and not all? Why don’t we scrap Article 370 of Constitution and Article 35A and permanently merge J&K with India just like Pakistan has merged PoK with Pakistan?

What are we afraid of? Why can’t PM Narendra Modi give assent to the same and scrap Article 370 by a Presidential order in the same manner in which it was inserted in Constitution? Why can’t surgical strike be carried out on Article 370 and Article 35A which prohibits citizens from settling down in J&K and has so many discriminatory provisions that are most shocking? Why is it ignored that even former CJI JS Khehar had once said that, “How can one country have two Constitutions, two sets of laws, two sets of flags, two sets of citizenships and what not?” All this needs to be dismantled right now and PM must stop leaving everything on judiciary as this can be done by it!

Why politicians start getting nervous when anyone starts talking about nuking all relations with Pakistan? This alone explains why many feel that, “Politicians are more dangerous than Pakistan who never want their own children to join forces as they risk the chances of getting killed and this is why they seldom feel the pain and even after Kargil war in which we lost more than 600 soldiers as per official figures still we neither withdrew MFN status from Pakistan and within few months invited Pakistani invader Gen Pervez Musharraf who masterminded Kargil war and who claimed to enter India 15 to 16 km inside Indian territory and what did we get in return? Hijacking of plane which led to freeing of Masood Azhar who is founder of Jaish which is mastermind of Pulwama massacre and also of attack on Parliament in 2001 as also attack on J&K state Assembly still our politicians continued to repeatedly pamper Pakistan and we saw more and more terror attacks being perpetrated by an emboldened Pakistan!

So who is the real enemy? I leave it to you decide! Politicians especially who call  the shots in Centre need to wake up their ideas and realize the futility of trusting Pakistan even after repeatedly suffering backstabs! People will lose all faith in them if they still fail to act decisively against Pakistan!

Without wasting a second, declare Pakistan a terror state as demanded by Maulana Mehmood Madani and Rajeev Chandrashekhar who is himself now a BJP MP! Stop taking cosmetic steps and start taking drastic measures that really starts hurting Pakistan and boycott them everywhere! Stop this useless Wagah border ceremony as a BJP MLA himself rightly protested against there! No more excuses and platitudes! No more delay! Centre must kick out Article 370 and Article 35A from our Constitution! Centre must first itself declare Pakistan a terror state before asking the world to do so! Opposition must also rally behind Centre in this as it pledged at the time of Pulwama attack and not keep on attacking it as it will make the Pakistanis smile fiendishly and be happy endlessly!

By Sanjeev Sirohi

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