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Deal with Iron Hand: Hang Them Young

Updated: June 28, 2018 10:33 am

Now finally the government is gone in Jammu and Kashmir. It was long over due that a tit for tat strategy was required as the policy of Kashmiriyat, Insaniyat and Jumhuriyat. The Union Government tested all policies to maintain peace and tranquility in the disturbing land. But all in vain. Day in and day out one was terrified to see the dead bodies of our brave Jawans. The tears of their family members, who lost their only bread earners,  are not to be explained. Enough is enough. Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh visited many times to J&K and recently also he analysed the grave situation and accordingly he clearly gave instructions to the security forces to take free actions. I don’t think there was any alternative other than pulling out of the coalition government in J&K. This is a bold and positive decision by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has kept the nation’s interest ahead of politics and power. The plug has been pulled a bit late but now as it has been pulled, it is a very rational decision by the BJP. The ruthless murder of Shujaat Bukhari was cited by the BJP as final proof of Kashmiri separatists’ desire to sue for war, brushing aside the intent behind the ceasefire during the holy month of Ramzan. The minute PDP decided to withdraw cases against stone-pelters or traitors or Pakistan-supported foot soldiers, BJP should have acted. It was the biggest national disgrace to see time and again in different news channels our soldiers being beaten, their helmet being thrown away from their head and yet soldiers were ordered to exercise complete restraint. This is not restraint but surrender in front of soldiers of Pakistan.  PDP’s soft corner for stone-pelters and separatists has compelled Modi to scrap this alliance. Hence, it indeed is a admirable and welcoming decision.

It is to be noted that many political pundits called BJP-PDP alliance as a strange alliance, orchestrated by the late Mufti Saheb on a simple foundation. He had two basic reasons in fomenting this relationship–one that any coalition without a party at the Centre would have been impractical and antagonistic to development plank. Second, PM Modi and  the BJP  enjoyed full majority in Parliament, providing leverage for taking any bold decision on Kashmir issue. But the Mehbooba Mufti government failed miserably on attaining both these counts.  The BJP has said it had become “untenable” for it to continue in the partnership as the two objectives, peace and development, were nowhere near being achieved, and lamented the erosion of fundamental rights such as free speech and right to life. So, take my word, terrorism and their sympathisers would be dealt with an iron hand now. Also one should expect that strong initiatives should be taken  to abolish Articles 370 and 35A. For those who are blaming the BJP, they should know that the PDP government was actually a big hindrance to development work and security operations including intelligence gathering, coordination with police and Army etc. Against this backdrop, one can clearly see why the Congress denied supporting PDP to form the new government. They don’t want to destroy their prospects for 2019. Having said that it is worth mentioning here that this ceasefire sham, which earlier even BJP leaders were applauding, had to explode finally and now the reality is before us to see for ourselves. When there is no ceasefire on Diwali or Holi or any other festival then why Ramzan only? Do terrorists and Pakistan really respect Ramzan? Do they even understand the meaning for Ramzan? For them, Ramzan is the best opportunity to kill Indians as they resort to “Ramzan ka ceasefire” time and again refusing to learn nothing even from their own past follies. If they had really respected Ramzan, then they would never have killed children, women, girls, soldiers in most cowardly manner after kidnapping them at gun point and then first torturing them and then finally killing them.

By Deepak Kumar Rath


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