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Deafening Silence, Dangerous Signs

Updated: February 28, 2015 9:50 am

The signs are ominous. Already the ‘cast aside’ senior leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) are strangely silent and have not said a word, commiserating Modi and Co. or offering tips for quick recovery. A battle has been lost, not the war, sort of thing is felt by most. But one RSS boss did reportedly say that the BJP defeat was indicated. This is a very loaded statement. How and why was the defeat, in the scale that it was foreseen by this leader or a few others. “Did he have a premonition, he dreamt about it or is some mischief has been planned to damage Modi, before he recovers. Anything is possible in the fractious, furious and fractured scenario of today.”
The fact, as we learn, is that the BJP oldies, who have been side-tracked, are delighted at the discomfiture of Narendra Modi. They know that such a major setback could shadow his image of being the most strong and decisive leader in the country. At stake are investments under FDI and Make In India schemes.
It is learnt that these conspirators are proverbially the night lamps contacting all the known detractors of Modi and Shah combine. Telephonic conversations between some RSS bigwigs and these disgruntled seniors are also leading to some big plot against the Modi group. An insider said that just like when one is down, many heap more calumny on the unfortunate. One of the plans is to somehow keep criticisms and his mistakes on the domestic front highlighted and continue to embarrass him until the crucial Bihar election in November this year. The media is delighted to help in causing discomfiture to the BJP. One of the leading lights of conspirators is, however, a very low profile because he might need help of Modi to achieve his life’s ambition. One, however, also picked up some signals that Modi is aware of the plot and is confident of torpedoing it. His trump card is the almighty RSS boss Mohan Bhagwat. “The plotters are in for surprise. They would be warned to lie low or face action,” said a source.

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