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Dead End For India’s Number One Dynasty…And Its Party

Updated: November 8, 2014 1:38 pm

The trouncing of the Congress party in its last bastions, Maharashtra and Haryana, signals not only its decline, but imminent end to its almost 55 years of rule and dominance even when out of power. And with that the long-lasting Nehru-Gandhis dynasty is likely to fade into history. No tears would be shed.

Saffron took over and the tri-colour uprooted. The ouster of the Congress governments, in Maharashtra for 15 years, and in Haryana where it ruled for 10 years, has finally convinced the party men that Rahul Gandhi is no good as a leader, that he has been failing to lead the party to electoral

victory, since he first campaigned during Bihar Assembly elections, number of MLAs shrunk from nine to four, then in Uttar Pradesh it came down from 48 to 28 and in the recent General election from 206 to 44. Abysmal record!

Rahul addressed 10 rallies in both the states, which was a tame effort compared to the carpet bombing by Modi, who addressed 27 meetings. It showed that Rahul had surrendered the states, much before the votes were cast. The demonstration in front of the party’s headquarter at 24, Akbar Road, New Delhi, while counting was still continuing in Mumbai, “Priyanka lao, desh ko bachao,” was being raised by a sizeable number of Congress men. The slogan in effect meant, “Priyanka lao, Congress bachao.”

Not that her advent would revive or save the party. Behind her stands Robert Vadra, against whom inquiries are to start, it is expected to bring out a lot of filth. In fact, the whole Family is so discredited that there is no way to prevent highly incensed people from kicking it out from all positions of authority, in fact from Indian politics.

Sonia Gandhi’s dream of son Rahul ascending the gaddi of Prime Minister lies in shatters. In fact, his era, even beginning truly, is about to end. Curtains over his leadership are being drawn by his own party men. The aides of Sonia didn’t let Rahul campaign intensively to save him from the ignominy, he is facing now. But that would not save his neck. The people are disgusted with the party because of scams, lawlessness, high prices and complete lack of communication between them and those elected by them. But after the loss in the two states, Rahul’s own party men, who used to shiver or sweat at the mere mention of Rahul’s name, have spoken up—one called him a joker another advised him and his mother to take leave for two years.

The likelihood is that the long line of Nehru and Gandhis is, finally after four generations, on the brink, courtesy Sonia and Rahul Gandhi. The unfortunate thing is that while destroying themselves they have almost demolished the 129-year-old Indian National Congress, which from being freedom movement became an instrument to lay and concretise the foundation of democracy.

No one will miss the mother and son team. They took as their divine right to lord over India, took the people’s support for granted and exploited their sentiment for the family to trample over their hopes and aspirations.

The Family prospered because of the surname Gandhi. Once I asked La Pierre’ what he thought of united India where after every 100 miles, lifestyles, culture, language, food and believes in different gods change.

The Sinking Of The Congress Party Began Almost 25 Years Ago

You can drive from Mumbai to Gujarat, to Rajasthan, to Delhi to UP to Bihar to Kolkata without passing through without Congress government in any state.

  • In Tamil Nadu, M Bhaktavatsalam was the last Congressman to be sworn in October 1963. It lost power in Tamil Nadu in 1966 and since then has been out of power in the State.
  • West Bengal, too after April 1977 when Siddhartha Shankar Ray was CM, no other Congressman became chief minister.
  • Uttar Pradesh, there has been no Congress chief minister since December 1989. N D Tiwari was the last congress CM.
  • In Bihar, there has been no Congress chief minister since March 1990 (Jagannath Mishra).
  • In Gujarat, no Congressman has been CM since Madhavsinh Solanki in 1989.
  • In Tripura, a Congressman was last sworn in as chief minister since 22 years.
  • In Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, the Congress has been kept out of power by the BJP since 2003.
  • In Odisha, Naveen Patnaik ruling since 2000.

In answering he related an incident. He had gone deep into a forest in Assam and happened to find a small village, a cluster of about 20 huts. He told his guide to ask a very old and illiterate woman if she knew who Indira Gandhi was. Prompt came the reply, “She is the daughter of Gandhiji.” But the mother and son never bothered to respect the ethics and values of the Mahatma either. Congress was taken over as their personal fiefdom; the mother became a deity with unquestioned absolute power. All seniors became persona non grata. A handful of public school alumni, drop-outs from upper-middle class families took over to advise Rahul. The result, the party was managed like a company, candidates for elections were chosen by feeding CVs into computers and Rahul was psyched to believe that he had to just say and he would be anointed as the prime minister.

08-11-2014But between his advisers, who hardly knew the nuances of Indian politics, the sycophancy of courtiers and Sonia’s obsessive desire for her son becoming India’s Prime Minister, Rahul never bothered to pause and analyse the reasons for his failure to win people. His decline continued, while Sonia torpedoed all moves for changes and reforms in the party. Most state units are in disarray. The result, every failure brings more calumny to Rahul. The example of the BJP was there for them to learn. It took no time to part with 25-year-long company of Shiv Sena, which put the BJP on the driving seat. For the first time, Shiv Sena has had to play a secondary role.

But Sonia Gandhi refused to reform and democratise the party and persisted with her son as a star campaigner. She did not bother about the shameful drubbing in the Lok Sabha election, hoping against hope that he would have learnt from his repeated failures to win over voters. But it seems Rahul Gandhi is not cut-out for the heat and dust of Indian politics.

He has apparently made no effort to even flip through his family’s vote-winners, his grandmother Indira Gandhi, uncle Sanjay and stalwarts like GB Pant, Bidhan Chandra Roy—one can go on recalling leaders whose ability to win voters’ favours, within their areas of influence, were almost matching with that proverbial charm of Nehru. Now it’s evident to restive the Congress men that the Sonia-Rahul combine will not let authority be shared and they would preside over the liquidation of the party. As for themselves they are allegedly so rich that even without a so-far pliant party, live happily ever after.

The twin losses and the expectation that they cannot win any future election against a rampaging bearded beast is set to end the political reign of the last members of the Nehru Dynasty. They would also sink the Congress party. Good riddance, in its present form twisted and trimmed by Sonia and her advisers. India would be better off without the whole pack of them.

BY Vijay Dutt

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