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De-Addiction With Liquorice Root

Updated: May 17, 2014 4:27 pm

Liquorice or Glycyrrhiza glabra popularly known as mulethi in Hindi has the unique property to cure addiction naturally. The root of this plant as a herbal medicine has an impressive list of well documented uses and is probably one of the most over looked of all herbal wonders. Its immense medicinal properties are used extensively in Ayurvedic preparations. It is used for treating coughs, colds, urinary problems, nerve related problems and also as a soother for intestines. Given below are few of its uses.

De-Addiction: A small piece of this root is to be kept under the cheek and sucked on continuously for at least three hours. This discourages the person from chewing betel leaves, tobacco, consuming alcohol or smoking cigarettes. Slowly these habits which badly affect the health of a person will disappear.

Dementia: One gram of liquorice root powder added to one spoon of honey and taken slowly with tongue gives some relief from dementia.

To regain strength: Liquorice has the ability to enhance the immunity level. If you are recuperating from any illness, make this medicine at home, to regain the lost stamina. Take 100g of liquorice and 100 g of raisins grind them together and make small round balls of the size of neem seeds and store them; Take one of these daily morning and evening and drink a cup of milk for 40 days to gain strength and overcome weakness.

To ease menstrual irregularities: The glycyrrhizin in liquorice actually inhibits the body’s own estrogen levels and the mild estrogenic effect, produced by liquorice’s phyto-estrogens, manages to override this inhibiting action. So liquorice and raisins ground, together can be stored and taken along with a glass of hot milk to correct or ease any menstrual irregularities.

Throat congestion: Take one spoon of liquorice powder along with 2 to 3 beetle leaves and chew twice a day. This helps in clearing the throat due to congestion and helps to give a sweet voice.

Release of mental tensions: Liquorice root contains many anti depressant compounds. Take ashwagandha, sugar candy, liquorice and bay leaf , make powder of all the four and store in a jar. Whenever you are worked up, you can add one spoon of this powder to a glass of hot milk, to keep yourself calm and cool. This helps to soothe your nerves and gives you energy.

For Migraine: Take 200gm of sesame oil, 20g of dry ginger,20g of liquorice and 20g vasa root. Make powder of all the roots, add to oil and bring it to boil. After cooling, strain the oil and apply this to forehead when you get Migraine attack. Take head bath at least once in three days. While using this oil you should not sleep in the daytime.

Effective in treating viral infections: Liquorice root is found to have properties of anti- fungal, anti- viral and anti- bacterial viruses. It was found in the research that a compound called glycyrrhizin in liquorice, was non toxic to virus infected cells. It was found to reduce replication of the virus and inhibit both the absorption of viruses on the outside of cells and their ability to penetrate cells.

By Nibhanapudi Suguna

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