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Darul Harab Vs Darul Islam

Updated: November 15, 2014 10:48 am

RSS journal Panchjanya is mad at super-secular Sharad Pawar for calling the RSS workers “half-pants”. But isn’t that just a paraphrase of “knickerwalas” that a famous (fifth-) columnist has been calling them for years? For Satiricus her knickerwala nitwits and Pawar’s half-mad half-pants are the same RSS retards. The journal further says Pawar told a Muslim meeting in 2009 that “terrorism in the country was spreading because of the communal agenda and nationalist policy of the BJP.” Quite right. It is as obvious as a wart on the nose that the nationalist policy of the communal BJP and the nationalist policy of the Nationalist Congress cannot be the same. The nation for which BJP is nationalist is Darul Harab, while the nation for which the Nationalist Congress is nationalist is Darul Islam. So down with the BJP’s blasphemous Bharat—and up with Blessed Believers like secular Sharad.

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