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Danseur Par Excellence

Rahul Varshney
Updated: December 30, 2020 11:38 am

Rahul Varshney is a young and promising dancer of Guru Deba Prasad Das Gharana. He began his journey in Odissi dance under the tutelage of  Jyoti Shrivastava (an eminent Odissi dancer) Rahul aims to gain expertise in the Tandava Compositions of Guru Deba Prasad Das Gharana so as to take Odissi classical dance one step forward towards revival of all the dance creations, which are on the verge of extinction. Dance is his religion and this reverent passion can be seen in his performances. His dance is full of vigour and power which is commensurate with the dance in the masculine form.

Rahul Varshney is a Nritya Visharad, an ICCR-Empanelled artist, graded artist from Delhi Doordarshan, senior scholarship holder from Ministry of Culture, Govt. Of India and recipient of junior Scholarship from CCRT (Centre for Cultural Resources & Training, Govt of India).

He has learnt and gained experience by participating in various dance programmes, workshops, lec-dems and festivals conducted by different organisers, eminent dancers and Gurus over the last 23 years.

Rahul Varshney is a strong torch bearer for all the male performers in Odissi,. He aims to leave no stone unturned to make his mark in the enigmatic world of Odissi. He is also a founder member and Artistic Director at SOCH (School of Creative Hands)– a pioneering institute imparting training in different fields of art to the younger generation. & Active Member of performing group formed by CCRT Alumni “SAMSIDDHI”- providing platform to all young talents. He has performed in many major dance festivals of India and abroad.

Some memorable performances by Rahul Varshney are Stirring Odissi Dance Festival- Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Sri Satya Sai Kulvant Hall (Puttaparthy, Prashantinilayam), Mukteshewar Festival- (Odisha), Odissi International Dance Festival – (Bhubaneshwar), Delhi International Art Festival, Odissi recital at Neemrana- (Rajasthan), Hari das Sammelan- (Vrindavan) Rukmani Devi Festival- (Delhi) etc.

when Uday India asked about his odyssey, he said: “At the age of 5 ,I started learning Hindustani vocal but later my fascination towards Odissi dance led me to stop my vocal classes and I began learning Odissi dance at the age of 7 years under the able guidance of my Guru Jyoti Shrivastava. I do not have any background of music or dance or any other art-related field in my family. you can say that I am the first generation artist in my entire family.”

“Being a male dancer, choosing dance as a carrier was not an easy decision for me, I have faced many challenges so far and I am still facing some, but the satisfaction I get is worth the effort.

“I always believe dance has this energy to transform someone ordinary into extraordinary and that’s how I feel when I am on the stage. We are living in a time, where we can turn our passion into profession. to achieve that one should always think, plan and act well. it might take some time to establish yourself but with complete determination and hard work, one can find the right path,” Varshney added.


(Uday India Bureau)

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