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Damnable Downfall

Updated: October 17, 2015 9:10 am

THIS religion business is causing confusion worse confounded in what passes for the brain of this secular simpleton. Take Raul Baba. Son of a Christian mom, he first distinguished himself as a devotee of holy secularism by damning everything Hindu in sight. Then all of a sudden—abracadabra ! Some magic wand turned him into a Buddhist so adapt at vipassana that on one occasion somebody had to shake him out of it. Satiricus was impressed at what he thought was a stunning change. But what happened? What happened showed that Satiricus was a stunning dimwit. For one fine day Rahul went to—hold your breath!—a Hindu temple, the Banke Bihari Temple in Vrindavan, where he got himself photographed, sporting a tilak and brandishing a gadāa la Hanuman. JesusChrist! What on earth happened? And why did it happen? It happened because, declared tilakdhāri Rahul, “I have changed”.

Shocked Satiricus’s secular sensibilities were shaken to the roots. But not those of Rahul’s royal retinue. For one of them ecstatically assured him, “You have visited the temple. From now on, the wind will change. It will blow in your favour and in favour of the Congress.” Oh my secular God! Has Congresscularism sunk so low that it needs a Hindu god to save it? What will shocked Shahi Imam say about this damnable downfall of this official torch-bearer of Indian secularism? Maybe he might issue a fatwa banning Banke Bihari.

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