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Daily Horoscope (April 27)

Updated: April 27, 2019 12:02 pm


You will find yourself moving to words spirituality. There is a lot of clarity in your life as to what to what you should do. You look at things with equanimity and balance. You will spend some quality time with your partner.


Taurus, you have a lot of ideas crowding in your mind. Your loved ones are looking up to you for inspiration and reassurance. Give it to them in full measure. You’re emotionally strong and your intuitional faculties are in the best shape.


Gemini, you are in a position to take a better view of things concerning your life. You will encounter new situations that will change your perspective on life. You must spend time with some friends. You are a quick learner. But you err in understanding motives of people around you.


As Sun enters your sign you will find lot of things changing for good. You will find that some of your old wishes getting fulfilled. Today there will not be much change or surprises in store for you. You will engage in discussions with your friends. You will feel refreshed.


On your job front you will face some problems Things may not move the way you wanted. Don’t get into fight with your bosses. Your plans to shift your job might have come a cropper. Your frustration on the job front may impact your personal life.

Virgo: You have a strong desire to control your mind. For some time you were feeling like questioning some rituals or practices. Give some time to settle your thoughts. You have an amazing capacity to arrive at right conclusions, Virgo. Do meditate for some time.


You are generally a private person who don’t like others to intrude into your personal space. You may feel better now as things are slowly falling into places. You are a storehouse energy. Learn to speak up for you. People will appreciate you for your perseverance.


It is difficult to win over you. Somebody who wants a favour from you have been beseeching you. But you won’t easily give in. You are highly intuitive and can make out their real intentions. Don’t waste your energies in mundane stuff.


Your work and assignments are taking a heavy toll on your health. Still, you are bubbling with energy. Give time to your loves ones. On health front, there may be multiple issues which are bothering you. You should undertake a health checkup.


Capricorn, some health issues may be bothering you as well. On professional front, things are moving the way wanted though there is no change seen in the near future. Stick to your plans. Your bosses will be happy with you. You have been able to strike a balance between professional and personal matters.


You will spend on shopping. You will be happy that financially some gains happened to you. You are annoyed with some traits of your partner. But you have an amazing capacity to get on with your work without relying on others.


You see a lot of positive things coming your way. Make yourself equipped grab opportunities. On job front as well you can expect a change for the good. The position of stars indicates some differences cropping up with your partner with regard to some plans in your life. Don’t argue and vitiate the peace in the family; give your partner time to understand your position. Pray to Krishna; it will calm your mind.

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