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Daily Horoscope (May 4)

Updated: May 4, 2019 10:30 am


Aries, be careful while entering into a deal or talks to someone. Don’t reveal your mind whom you don’t trust. Chances are that you may be taken for a ride, as you tend to say more than what you need to say. Your problem is that you refuse to learn from your past mistakes. You have that in you.


Practice the art of communication. You often fail to put across what exactly you want. Word for the wise: practice precision. You are a creative person and can easily innovate to suit the surrounding and circumstances. Your colleagues and friends admire you for that. If you are devotee of Hanuman, pray to him before you step out of you home.


Gemini, it is time for you to take a look at the way your relationships have been going. You always feel others are not reciprocating for what you have done for them. Part of the problem lies with you: You ignore certain aspects. Therefore, your focus now should be your happiness and goals. Meditate for some time, clarity will come to you.


Cancer, you were born to live a life of greatness. Success will come to you irrespective of the condition you are in right now. There are a lot of opportunities coming in your way. When you analyse your success, you should look at what was your condition a few years before. Have faith in yourself. Pray to Agni to illumine your mind. You will feel the energy flow in you.


Leo, this is the good time to start something of your own. Leo, you are a storehouse of energy and you have an appetite for taking risk. Therefore, you don’t have to wait for eternity to start. Worship Ganesha today before you venture out.


A lot of positive changes are happening in your life. On the professional front, you can experience that. Do away with all inhibitions and egos. Open up your mind and heart to accept new changes. When opportunities knock at your doors, don’t shut them. A good day to feed to poor. Their happiness will have a positive impact on your mind.


Libra, today is an ideal day to explore new things or learn new art. This weekend marks a turning point in your journey. You will meet some successful people today. You may be attracted to occult.


You have some soaring ambitions in you and you are capable of achieving them. But a small problem is that you are not putting out that much effort required of you. Don’t worry. All’s not lost. Put out all distractions and work hard. Success will be yours. You are powerhouse of energy. Meditate some time on your goals. Pray to Agni: you will find energy flowing into you.


Sagi, your problem is you are not acting when it is required. Procrastination is your favourite past time. You know that a lot of positive things are happening. Today finish the pending task and move forward. Pending tasks are piling up. Your energy levels are high.


You need to take some time for yourself. The week gone by has been very hectic for you. Go for a movie or hang out with friends. Not an ideal time for going long drives. Some thoughts on profession may be leaving worried. Just leave all thoughts and focus on your inner strengths.


Today is the ideal day to foster deeper intimacy with your partner. You unnecessarily worry about things. But that has become part of your life. Today you want to cook something or finish some pending domestic chores. You are drawn to religious rituals or worship today.


You have been making changes in your life and moving on. You are not concerned about what others think or say. The project you have undertaken is nearing completion. Take a break and spend some time with the family.


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