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Daily horoscope (May 3)

Updated: May 3, 2019 2:13 pm


Aries, your progress has made may of your colleagues insecure. Stay vigilant and focus on your work. You are the most radiant person in your circle of friends and relatives. Do not commit anything if you are not comfortable.


You have excellent communication skills. You are made for greater things. But sometimes what happens is that you don’t make that extra effort. But you have celestial blessings coming: you will get some important assignment or some higher up may appreciate your work. Pray to Agni before you step out or meet your boss.


Gemini, you want to follow your own rules. You do it with dexterity that no one will feel offended. But frictions with your partner is part of your daily routine. But it won’t affect your overall persona. Your willingness to help out others is exemplary. You have some plans in your mind. Today is the right time to plan. Meditate a few minutes.


A feeling of divinity engulfs you. You find solace in that divine experience. It gives you a lot of energy and hope. There’s a lot happening behind-the-scenes that you cannot possibly perceive. But you feel confident to face it. Minor skirmishes at home or office may upset you for some time but you will fall back to that divine experience. Meditate for some time.


After a bad patch, you are steadily moving towards sunshine. There is a lot of emotional issues you have to deal with. Your I-don’t-care attitude servers you good at times. On professional front, progress is seen. For some days, pray to Agni before you step out.


You have made many sacrifices in the past which led to making of you today. Just take a walk down the memory lane and you will feel good and nostalgic. You need to take a pause sometimes. It gives energy to soldier on. An ideal day for Anna dana – poor feeding. Ideal day to worship Shakti.


You have not been able to take decision on some important issues. Ask yourself, you have not applied your mind properly. Focus on your inner instincts and strengths. Setting specific goals is the key to facilitating forward movement. You will find that your people skills are especially sharp today. Take advantage of the situation and do some networking.


Scorpio, the alchemy of love is acting on mind. You feel a lot of positive vibes gushing into your mind. You may catch up with someone who will be of use to you in a function.  You are happy that a lot of good things are happening around you. At work, you will be able to put across your points effectively. Meditate on Shakti.


Sagi, a lot of meetings are there for today. Catch up with some friends and indulge in some gossips. A hectic day ahead for you. Go slow on some relationships which will have adverse impact on your life. You are a practical person but sometimes you stray away. Clear communication is the key to moving forward.


You need to take some time for yourself. The week gone by has been very hectic for you. Go for a movie or hang out with friends. Not an ideal time for going long drives. Some thoughts on profession may be leaving worried. Just leave all thoughts and focus on your inner strengths.


There are some fears crowding your mind. Things are not as bad as you think. You are gifted with many qualities. Stop worrying about things that have remotest chance of happening. Meditate for some time. People accept and acknowledge your worth and talents. So keep your calm.


You will spend some amorous time with your partner. You will feel rejuvenated. You shut down thoughts about other engagements. Good to be like that at times.


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