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Daily Horoscope (May 14)

Updated: May 14, 2019 12:43 pm


Aries, certain happenings today might put you in a confused state of mind. Focus on your goals and things will become clear to you. So don’t worry, everything is going to be okay. Light a lamp before you step out of your home and meditate.


Taurus, you should be tactful today. Don’t allow others to take you for a ride. You need not be overawed by others. Believe in your competence and strengths. Worship Shakti.


Gemini, you are feeling confident. You will be given new responsibilities. You can do whatever you put your mind too. Some interpersonal issues may come up in your family. But don’t worry. Keep your cool.


Cancer, play your cards well. There may be some tension between you and your boss. Deal it tactfully and don’t flare up. Don’t be overconfident of your actions as this might land you in trouble today. There is no harm in taking advice from someone you trust.


Leo, you have some bright ideas. But putting them in practice may require patience and tactfulness. Your financial situation is bound to be change for good.


You may have to undertake a travel. You’ve been in the same place for too long and everyone deserves a change. Take a step towards a trip with friends. Things are rosy on the professional front.


Libra, you may be in a state of bliss. Only thing is that you must not waste your time on insignificant things or minor setbacks in life. You’ll achieve everything you’ve been wanting to. Worship Agni…it is not a new god…your own Jeevatma. You will feel the power coming to you.


Opportunities have knocked on your doors. But you were confused. You are again going to get a great opportunity. Grab it as it might just change your life for the better in the most unexpected way. Trust your intuition. Worship Ganesha.


Sag, some women may be interested in you. But you need to stay away from such distractions. Time is not in your side. Focus on your goals. You have taken upon you some task.


Positivity is your state of mind today, and others are going to notice it. Your great vibes are going to pass to people around you and it’s going to put you in a very happy place in life. Hold onto these positive thoughts and make sure you don’t get negative throughout the day. You’re going to have a good day Cap.


Your temperament sometimes causes strife. You always want things on your terms. Be considerate to others too. Focus on the work you have in your hands. Follow your strong intuition.


You are a pragmatist and works your way fast when you decide to do something. Your bosses and people who matter will appreciate your ideas. Don’t worry about what some cynics say about you.  Have faith in yourself.

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