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Daily Horoscope (May 10)

Updated: May 10, 2019 12:39 pm


Things may not be happening the way you wanted. But we can’t do much about it. Life is a mix of good and bad. Firm up your mind and put your foot down wherever necessary. Today worship Hanuman to gain control of your mind.


You are fortunate to have a lot of good things happening for you. The stars are in your favour today. Enjoy every bit of it. People are attracted to your extrovert nature.


Gemini, romance is in the air. You enslave a person by your love and attention. Sometimes others will think that your love for them is shallow. But you know how to deeply fall in love. Your helping nature will attract others towards you. For anyone, you are a valuable ally.


Cancer, a good day lies ahead for you. Luck and love is coming your way. Someone whom you have been waiting for might come to you. Your charm is irresistible today and everyone around you is noticing it. You’re going to attract everyone. You feel empowered. Enjoy your day to the hilt.


Leo, today is an activity filled day for you. Take care of your health. Go for a workout, eat healthy and avoid things that are bad for you. Take care of your words while you are talking to your colleagues. Be diplomatic.


The moon is in your support today. So you will have a cool head and face things with lot of calmness. You will receive a good piece of news. Don’t forget to celebrate to the fullest today as it’s a good day for you it will leave you feeling content and peaceful. Light a diya (lamp) and meditate some time before you venture out.


There is a lot of positivity in you today. Your colleagues and relatives will be attracted to your magnetic personality. You are in control of the situation and deal people with dexterity and maturity. Take this as a good sign and feel loved. Attend to elders in your family and seek their blessings.


You may feel exhausted today. Take time out and spend some time for yourself. You’ve been putting too much effort in both your personal life and your work life. You have been feeling claustrophobic. Go to a mandir or a place of worship and meditate.


Sag, it’s a good day for you. You will feel elated. Keep these spirits intact today and put your energy in delving into different activities that you wouldn’t usually do. Take a friend or a loved one along with you and have some fun today. Your friend who was away is back.


Cap, your hands are full. A good way to feel calm and at peace is by meditating. It might sound a little out of the blue for you, but with you stressing over everything, meditating is going to help you find the peace you haven’t had in a while. Worship Agni and you will feel energy flow into your veins.


Aquarius, you might feel some tense moments today. Your mind is focused only on the tasks you have taken upon yourself. Just remember to take care of yourself by staying hydrated, eating fresh foods and getting a bit of activity into your day.


Pisces, why do you want to worry about everything happening around you? Keep your cool and plan for your future. Don’t waste your time on unnecessary things. Go ahead with your plans and your doubts will be cleared out by themselves. Worship Lord Shiva. Recite “Om namah Shivaya” 101 times. Everything will be alright.

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