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CWG probe A political gimmick

Updated: November 6, 2010 2:59 pm

The Commonwealth Games might have witnessed several “firsts” like India scoring unprecedented haul of 101 medals, its ascent to the No. 2 spot in CWG, etc, but rampant “corruption” was certainly not the “first”. In fact corruption is rooted so deep down the Indian politics that any mega event without corruption would definitely be a “first” for the people of the country. For, they are very well accustomed with the evil of corruption, which has become an accepted syndrome in our daily lives—it dominates every field and has almost become a way of life. Therefore, corruption is not new to us. Only its degree varies. The people will soon forget this corruption scam, as they have more important things to attend to in everyday life. The hue and cry over corruption in the CWG is due to the international attention it has received. Otherwise, who would have cared?

                The government wanted the approval and generous praise of the world, which is confined to only western countries. It gives a damn about what Tonga or Papua New Guinea or other small third world countries think of us. Joining the government’s chorus is the so-called brigade of elite, telling us that we can and have and always will in the future organise and run world-class events. Let alone not looking beyond the world of the White and the western, what millions of Indians, including those thousands adversely affected by the Games, think, bothers them not a whit. But we will remain “labelled” in the eyes of the west as long as the poor and underprivileged are not lifted out of their poverty. Our leaders should focus on pro-poor and pro-people policies rather than on such high-profile events which eat into the taxpayers’ hard-earned money. Here it is worth mentioning that India spent Rs 70,000 crore for CWG, whereas the budgeted amount was 639 crore—thanks to our planners, estimator and after all the executives in OC and government. So imagine the cost of organising an Olympic games here! Coming to government’s lying like saying the Games residential area would later become university hostels, but after the Games, the flats are being organised for sale, with prices already in crores. There are those who see the Games as a ‘triumph’ of the nation, nay government, but it is a defeat of aam aadmi.

                Now Congress should not use the term aam aadmi’s party because they have looted aam aadmi’s money which should have spent on aam aadmi instead of their leader(s). They easily looted this money because it was a close ring from top to bottom, all approved by Congressmen. The Prime Minister Manmohan Singh promised after the Games he will go after the corrupt and has ordered a probe. But whether this probe would bring out any cogent and meaningful results is no secret. Nothing is to come out.

                It is to be noted that Income tax Department’s raids were conducted simultaneously on 26 targets. However the identity of only one of the 26, a senior BJP leader, Sudhanshu Mittal, was leaked to the media—but no word about the identity of the remaining 25 raided. Mr Mittal has accused the government of making him a “political scapegoat”. The ordering of an enquiry into the corruption charges brings to mind two proverbs—digging a well after the fire has happened and digging the hill to find the rat. What is the use of ordering an enquiry when misuse has already taken place? Further, it is a fact that not a single pie can be recovered after this probe, as no one can touch even a little hair of the big fish involved in the scam. The most expensive Games so far seems to have made millionaires of some political leaders and OC officials in a very short time. But it is the common man who always continues to suffer. And here we are talking about ‘Bharat Nirman’. Wake up India.

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