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Cure Dandruff Naturally

Updated: May 5, 2012 10:41 am

Dandruff is very unpleasant and annoying especially in today’s world. Sweat, junk food, mental tension, malnutrition, severe weather conditions are some of the main causes that lead to dandruff. It is a condition that leads to itching and shedding of layers of dead skin. We all know it is an embarrassing problem as it is easily noticeable. It can become very itchy and sore if we do not treat it rapidly.

Here are some natural ways to treat Dandruff

■    Make paste of Neem leaves and add water to the paste, now boil till ¼ of the water is left. Now apply this to the scalp and wait for 15 minutes before taking bath.

■    Take 50 g of grass extract, 50 g of Neem leaves extract, turmeric powder 50g and (Til) sesame oil 150g, add all these and boil till all the ingredients are absorbed in oil. Now apply this to scalp and take a bath after 20 minutes.

■    Add lemon juice to egg white, apply to head ,now wait for 10 minutes and wash off to get rid of dandruff.

■    Before going to bed, mix 4 spoons of coconut oil and 1spoon of lemon juice and apply to head. Wash off in the morning.

■    Heat ¼ kg coconut oil, add 10g of camphor to it and sieve and store in a bottle. Daily warm little oil and apply to head.

■    Mix 100g of coconut oil with 10g of lemon juice and boil till the lemon juice gets mixed with the oil and add 5g of camphor to it. When it is Luke warm apply to head and leave it for half an hour. Wash off or apply at night and take a bath in the morning.

■    For strong hair roots, add 3pinches of pepper and rock salt to 20g of raddish and eat daily.

■    Oily dandruff: Some times due to malnutrition, tension, oily hair etc. Dandruff can be greasy. To get rid of greasy dandruff, take 5g of Triphala powder, add it to one glass of water and bring it to boil. Sieve this mixture into another bowl and add one spoon of cedar vinegar. Apply this to head in the night and take a bath the next morning. This checks infections, itching etc.

■    Dry dandruff: The main cause for the dry dandruff is sweat, taking bath with hot water and again malnutrition. Take one table spoon castor oil, one table spoon coconut oil, one table spoon til (sesame) oil, 5 spoons of curd, lemon juice. Now add all the above in a bowl and apply to head, wait for 10 minutes and then take a shampoo bath.

■    Add 5g of Neem oil to 5g of camphor (Kapur) powder, make paste and apply to the scalp, wait for 10 minutes and wash off. Do this once in 15 days to get relief from dandruff.

■    Add Aloe Vera extract to coconut oil and boil till only the oil is left in the pan. Store it in a bottle and apply to the scalp, wait for some time and then wash off.

■    Take a red hibiscus flower (single petal) extract 100g juice, sesame oil 100g, and mix all these and boil on a low flame till all the juice is absorbed in oil, sieve and store in a bottle. Apply to the scalp before going to the bed. Take bath next morning with ritha or seekakai.

■    Make paste of hibiscus flowers and black sesame seeds by grinding. Apply this paste to head and wash off after one hour.

■    Roast khuskhus and soak in hot water for 4 to 5 hours. Apply to head in layers. Take a bath after one hour with ritha or ayurvedic shampoo.

■    Make powder of vasa sticks and store in a bottle. Mix little powder with water, make paste and apply to the scalp, a little burning sensation may be there. After 15-20 minutes take a bath with ritha. Apply this at least once a week. Dandruff will be completely eliminated

Precautionary Measures

►  Eat a balanced diet including at least 50 to 70 per cent of raw food.

►  Avoid fried foods.

►  Wash pillow covers and combs regularly. Do not use other’s combs.

►  Do not scratch your scalp as it would make the dandruff worse.

►  Avoid using greasy ointments and creams.

      Use the above remedies and lead a dandruff free life.

By Nibhanapudi Suguna


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