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Culture & Hairstyle

Updated: December 20, 2014 10:00 am

THE other day an IT industry big shot publicly regretted that India does not allow foreign universities to set up campus here. Now education is of course a great thing, and as west is still best, great universities there would surely impart great knowledge to us Indian ignoramus. So what are the great subjects in which these universities would educate us? According to an educative round-up recently published in an Indian newspaper, in a British university students pursuing a graduate course in Culture and Media are also offered a course on Beckham, the star footballer. And what education does it give? Well, it educates the students in such serious subjects as Beckham’s “ever-evolving” hair-style, “posh” marriage and even his tattoos. And why are these relevant? Because, learnedly explained a professor, he (Beckham) “embodies the spirit of the times.” Ah, me! How could this illiterate Indian journalist have known the integral relation between the study of culture and the study of a footballer’s hairstyle? But if this ignorant Indian did not know this, should not have erudite British sociologists known it? Rather, Satiricus recalls their calling their own country “broken Britain”, where students were officially asked to have regular sex and use ‘morning after’ pills in recognition of the fact that that was the cultural spirit of the time. It seems to Satiricus that these sociologists are too dumb to discern the learned link between culture and hairstyle.

Anyway, if British universities are great, American universities are greater. And what are the subjects they teach American students and should be invited to teach Indian students as well? The answer is very educative. One university offers a course on “Wasting time on the internet”, another offers a course on female Hollywood celeb Beyonce, which will teach her valued views on subjects like gender and sexuality, scaling still higher scholastic heights, the prestigious Harvard University held an educational session called Harvard Sex Week on how to have safe anal sex, on which the students learnt “anal anatomy….preparation for beginners, and much more”.

Thank god Satiricus is an illiterate journalist and an ignorant Indian. When ignorance (of such knowledge) is bliss it would be a folly for him to be learned.

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