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Create Your Own Smartphone!

Updated: November 22, 2014 1:59 pm

Google’s latest Project Ara has gone haywire with its claim that smartphone can be created by the users as well. But will Google’s ambitious project flip the industry on its head?

Google’s ATAP (Advanced Technology and Projects) group has finally shown a fully working prototype of Project Ara. There are many smartphones available in the market with incredible features, but what if one can swap individual bits such as processor or camera for a better one? This is not a fiction as it would soon be a reality. Let us know what Google’s ambitious project is all about.

What is Project Ara and modular smartphone?

Project Ara is being developed by Advanced Technologies and Products (ATAP). It is the only part of Motorola that Google didn’t sell off to Lenovo. Whereas, a modular smartphone is a handset which can easily be upgraded by swapping individual components or what is commonly known as modules in a unique style. It can be understood with the process of upgrading a PC. We upgrade a PC by swapping different modules like motherboard, CPU or graphic card.


Will it make any difference?

The modular smartphones can bring the entire industry to stand on its head if it becomes a reality. This is because in the present scenario, for an upgraded component we have to buy the entire device. So, it could be the only phone you need to buy because every time an updated part is available, such as a new camera, you can buy that individual part rather than an entirely new device.

It could also be possible to opt for a larger battery instead of a better camera, for example.

What are its challenges?

The Project Ara has a darker side as well. One part is that it can be more expensive and bulky than the pre-made smartphone. And plus, not all module combinations will provide a good experience for the users. For example, a low-power processor will not be able to cope with high resolution camera. There is also no guarantee the new components will even release. One perfect example is of laptops. In the past we’ve seen laptops with interchangeable graphics cards, yet despite promises to the contrary, no upgrades were ever launched leaving users disappointed.

Overall, Project Ara is just a starting platform of the next generation of modular smartphones. It is still a mystery what lies in the future.

By Rohan Pal

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