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Counting of votes still underway for Presidential election in USA

Updated: November 5, 2020 12:19 pm

In the United States, counting of votes is underway for the keenly contested Presidential election. States like Pennsylvannia, North Carolina, Arizona and Georgia remain too close to call.

According to CNN, Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden leads the race with 253 seats while incumbent President Donald Trump leads with 213 seats.

In the 538-member electoral college, the winner needs 270 seats to be declared as the eventual winner.

The key battleground of Pennsylvania may not have their final tally today.

Donald Trump’s lead in Georgia drops below 40,000 votes as ballot counting continues.

Nevada election officials say they expect to release more election results tomorrow from the battleground state where six electoral votes hang in the balance.

The Governor of Pennsylvania Tom Wolf said, Philadelphia’s ballot counting process is an open and transparent one.

President Trump claimed some legitimate tallying efforts should stop and tried to assert victory in the election while Mr Biden urged patience as the votes continued to be counted.

The margin between Trump and Biden has now narrowed to almost one per cent.

The outcome of the US Presidential election is on a knife edge, with Mr Trump and his rival Mr Biden neck and neck in key swing states.

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