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Convulsing Advani

Updated: September 28, 2013 5:18 pm

Senior veteran leader Lal Krishna Advani stands firm amidst swirling waters and tide for his most disliked person Narendra Modi. But, the RSS seems determined that Mod be declared the party prime minister nominee before the start of pitra paksh on September 17.

Rajnath Singh, the party President, has reportedly told the RSS Supremo Mohan Bhagwat, that he was now ready for the declaration. Insiders say all efforts of Mohan Bhagwat, and a few emissaries have failed. Advani is still saying declaration of Modi’s name must be postponed and declared after winter’s elections in States which include four politically crucial states. Their outcomes would affect the General Election.

Sushma Swaraj, leader of the opposition and foot soldier of Advani, is expected to take a similar stand, when the BJP’s Parliamentary Board meets anytime now. She could also demand that first Modi must resign from being Chief Minister. Both she and her mentor Advani, know that Modi would never agree to such a proposition.

The strategy, according to sources, of Advani is that, Shivraj Singh Chouhan, would lead the BJP to a massive victory in the state elections. Then Advani would pitch for him with the plea, that he is not a divisive person and could get sizeable support from Muslims as well. And also other parties might join the BJP to help it, form a coalition. These are undeniable. But the fact is that as against Modi, Chouhan would not be able to secure more seats. Modi is now known all over.

Another source reveals the strategy is that, if the BJP wins and is in a position to form the government, Advani’s cohorts would at the meeting of the BJP Parliamentary members, to elect its leader would propose Advani’s name. Murli Manohar Joshi and one or two are likely to support him. If he is able to muster enough anti-Modi MPs and those who do not hate him but fear him, Advani could scrap through.

But he might have forgotten what happened to Chandrashekhar. When the Janata Dal MPs met in the Central Hall of Parliament on December 2, 1989, his name was proposed. He had canvassed that he was the senior- most member and the prime minister’s gaddi rightfully belonged to him. Devi Lal fell for this argument, and indicated support. But most MPs spoke up that they were there because of Singh and if they did not vote for him, their constituents would not even let him contact them. Thus V.P. Singh was elected leader. Advani might meet a similar fate.

The reality is that at the moment Advani is of no consequence to the RSS or the party. They know that Advani would not be able to get 116 seats, he could secure in the 2009 election as against 138 seats in 2004. Advani should act as a mentor, said a senior BJP leader.

 What if Sushma Swaraj resigns?

The popular news online, says that Sushma was set to resign on the 18th September if Modi is declared as the BJP nomine for PM. L. K. Advani would remain in the BJP to allegedly sabotage from within the party. This one is another plan made allegedly by Advani. What impact either on the BJP or on Modi, would be is impossible to guess.

One is sure, there would be no impact on the BJP because the election would be Modi versus the Rest. One does not expect any impact of the resignation, on Modi, who is supported by the RSS, the cadre and the youth.

As far as Swaraj is concerned, the impact can be gauged by the comment of a senior BJP functionary, “We will welcome if she joins the Congress and takes away Advaniji with her.”

The Toe Tale

You may as well stop practicing that foot massaging technique right now, because new research suggests that feet, contrary to popular belief, are actually considered the least sexy part of the body.

A new study between two British universities and one in South Africa asked people to measure just how erotic they find each part of the body, with three quarters of the 800 people asked giving their feet the lowest rating.

Any other surprises? Well, the study also revealed that men have almost as many erogenous zones as women: “It’s pretty equal, with just perhaps a modest advantage to women – but certainly nothing like the way the sex differences have been so hugely exaggerated”, Professor Oliver Turnbull of Bangor University’s School of Psychology told The Guardian.

This reminds one of the toe sucking scandal of Princess Sarah of York married to Prince Andrews who was caught her toe being sucked by her lover. The lover must have had a great foresight; he was doing what men would do now!


What role for Rahul before and after 2014 polls?

Rahul Gandhi was approved by 17 per cent people in a recent survey as against Modi’s 47 per cent for the high post of prime minister. So what happens post-election depends on many ifs. But there is no one else who could campaign vigorously all over the country. His mother is not in the pink of health, more than three-fourth of the country would not understand what our Sardarij Prime Minister spoke. So it is left to Rahul to get as many MPs as possible.

Post-poll if the Congress secures sizeable number of MPs, say 120 and the BJP does not touch 200, it would be in a position to stitch together a coalition. In that case the Congress would insist on his being made PM. But if the allies dominate, anyone of Mulayam Singh, Jayalalitha and Sharad Pawar could be the PM. If no compromise is reached Manmohan could creep in from the backdoor and sit on the gaddi.

In the likely scenario of Modi being PM, will Rahul accept the position of the leader of opposition? Nobody has an answer.

Sonia Gandhi to be served summons by her FBI guards

A Sikh rights group has obtained an order from a US federal judge for delivery of summons to Congress party president Sonia Gandhi, who is in New York for medical treatment, through hospital staff or security personnel assigned to her, including special agents of the US Secret Service and FBI.

The order was handed out by judge Brain M Cogan in a class action suit against Sonia Gandhi filed on September 3 by US-based rights group Sikhs For Justice along with some victims of the November 1984 anti-Sikh massacre under the Alien Tort Claims Act (ATCA) and Torture Victim Protection Act (TVPA) for her role in shielding Congress leaders allegedly involved in inciting attacks on Sikhs in November 1984.

Earlier, the Eastern District Court of New York (13 CV 4920) had served summons to Sonia Gandhi on September 3.

The group, which had 120 days to deliver the summons and complaint to Sonia Gandhi, has obtained ex parte orders from Judge Cogan for service of summons to the Congress president through the staff of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer, where she is believed to be under medical care, or her security detail.

SFJ flled the motion contending that Sonia Gandhi was a foreigner and a high profile political figure and was the subject of heavy security. “The personal service of summons as required by section308 (1), (2), (4) of CPLR is impracticable and plaintiffs be granted permission to effect service through alternate means,” its motion said.

The group’s legal advisor Gurpatwant Singh Pannun said, “The latest order of the court is to direct the members of US security agencies who are deputed with Sonia Gandhi while she is in US for medical treatment to give the summons and complaint to the Congress.”

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