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Controversial Courage

Updated: November 29, 2014 8:30 am

Wings of courage is, as its name suggests, is a bit courageous tale which speaks at length about the evils in our society like corruption, rape, evil governance and highlighting the problems of rural India. The story introduces us to the protagonist of this novel, Saksham as a truth-seeking hero who is very keen to bring about changes in today’s society of continuing rapes, corrupt politicians and increasing problems and shows us the way out to the plight of the common man. It also gives an insight out what the common man thinks about and what can be done to eradicate it from our society.

For showcasing the problems, author linked the storyline with some real life events from New Delhi’s recent past like Nirbhaya case, hit-and-run case and the sorry state of our farmers. Each incident is used to point out larger issues of citizens responsibility, action of the authorities and role of the media. It is this context that makes the book a relevant contemporary read for readers. It promises to provoke your thoughts with its ideas and opinions, theories and solutions and even idealism that need to be read about and discussed.

If I had to recommend this book to readers the reasons that I think are: its socio-political genre seems interesting which has little philosophy and concrete facts with solution, though controversial. It will give you enough food for thought and alter your thinking and may give you the ‘Wings of Courage’ to change the world. The plot of the book is excellent, though not unique as we have heard and read a lot. But, the way it is presented makes it a worth read as it is hard to assume what’s going to happen next. Also for a first time writer his efforts are pretty good in presenting his story. The division of the story into different levels was worth appreciating. The careful attempt to take the reader from one level to another describes the art of editing. A rating of 8.5 on the scale of 10 will be an encouragement for the writer surely. Also the element of love will boost up the sales and attract young readers hopefully.

With a critical eye Wings of Courage failed to rise above popular opinions and the supernatural part where God comes down to survey with an angel who ultimately occupied Saksham’s body looked like total nonsense. It gives false hopes that the story will move towards supernatural stuff and some fantasy will land up. Also if I have to be strictly critical I would say the cover too does not do justice to the book. The book looks like a fantasy fiction which it is not. Above these, on occasions you find it a little boring as one already read a lot about the existing problems, highlighted daily in the dailies. Also the solutions it offered were in no way near to practical approach.

The irony is for all the talk and deeds of conscience and humanity that the book begins with, it strangely ends up supporting cold-blooded murder in the name of justice. Also it left its readers with certain questions and to open the third eye to look for other alternatives. Thinking is what the author wants us to pursue if we want to change the society.

By Sorabh Aggarwal

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