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Constructing A Healthy Society

Updated: May 1, 2010 2:06 pm

It is for sure that the society is brimming with evils today. The good Samaritans have to bow to the whims and fancies of the corrupt people who are ruling everywhere. The cause of immorality in the society is because of those who consider themselves above the law, conduct anti-social activities and spread terror among the weaker sections of the society.

            Moral values have lost their importance today, where only survival of the fittest counts. Today, very few people have remained who put forward the welfare of the whole society before their own welfare. Unfortunately, people who work for their own interest have outnumbered the others, and they are the ones who are ruling the society. In such a stifling atmosphere, the moral idealists find no place and prefer to keep away from the politics. WB Yeats has said, “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread”. This is the situation in our society today.

            Bertrand Russell, the great philosopher, believes that the moral people are equally responsible for the degradation of the society because of their complacence. Just ignoring the evil does not make the evil disappear; we have to fight against it. By ignoring it, we are in a silent way, supporting the evil. What is required along with sound moral values is leadership quality, so that the morally anchored person can lead the others on the right path. According to today’s situation, the future generations would feel that the intellectuals lacked courage to change the society, and were just mute spectators. Therefore, we need such dynamic leaders to lead the society forward.

            Russell further elaborates that it’s the selfish interest of everyone to safeguard their interests, their families and their reputation, which has led to the development of such an immoral society.

            Today we are a nation, which is being led by leaders with criminal records. Elections are won by giving false promises, buying of ballots, distributing free liquor and such commodities among the voters just before the elections. Crores of money is spent on these election campaigns, and when a party Coules into power, its sole aim remains to regain the spent money through legal or illegal means. All promises made to the public remain unfulfilled, and the common man is left in the same plight as before, if not worse.

            A single person cannot fight evil. Each person has to contribute for constructing an ideal society, forgetting his selfish interests. The least he can do is by not participating in illegal and immoral activities. Evil can be countered only with moral courage and strength of character and determination.

            Nietzsche, the famous philosopher, has said that it is because of the lack of enthusiasm and conviction to walk on the right path, which has led to the moral degradation of the society. Standing away from the proceedings like a silent spectator is like a crime in itself. In this age of hitech weapons, we can counter violence only by non-violence.

            The common man today is anxiety ridden, with no, and not able to appreciate the real joy of life. It is man’s nature to follow the footsteps of others. Following is a kind of armor, as no one can pinpoint at you for committing a mistake, so many ahead of you would already have committed the same mistake. So shaking the complacent man out of his stupor is the need of the times. A life led without courage is a life of surrender.

            We all are contented to confine ourselves to interaction with each other and reflection upon our thoughts. We all are aware of our goal, but are not moving towards it, and are stationed at one place. The evils lie more in the escapist attitude of the good Samaritans, rather than the conduct of evildoers. Without driving away our concealed fears, the dream to reconstruct a healthy, moral society would remain a dream.

By Gani Rajinder Vijay

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