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Congress: Thy name is fascism?

Updated: September 27, 2022 2:14 pm

We all have witnessed or heard about the democratic ways in which the Congress party handled this country all these years. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has embarked on Bharat Todo…I mean… Jodo Yatra, but whether it will turn into votes or not, is questionable. Not deviating from the main issue, I would like to remind viewers that a few days back, both Rahul and Sonia were asked to be present in the ED office for questioning. That was a due process of law, but the way the Congress party reacted with Dharna, gheraoing ED offices all over the country, violence, making people’s lives miserable with their antiques, it made people wonder whether Sonia and Rahul are above the law of the land. Well, this is not the first time the Congress and its members have resorted to such actions. Congress, it seems, believes it has the whole sole right over the nation and its leaders are way above the law of the nation.

People in India remember the famous Emergency imposed by this democratic party. But they either don’t remember or have been made to forget one incident happened after the emergency, which shows the true colour of Congress and the reason why Rahul believes in politics of disruption and violence when in opposition.

On December 20, 1978, an Indian Airlines flight IC 410 from Kolkata to Lucknow was hijacked by two people named Bholanath Pandey and Devendra Pandey in 1978. There were 132 passengers on board. They demanded the release of the former Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi, who was in jail after the Emergency. Furthermore, they wanted all the criminal cases against Indira Gandhi and her son Sanjay Gandhi to be withdrawn. They used fake kid toys as guns to take over the plane. They forced the pilot to land the plane in Varanasi. Hours later, the father of one of the hijackers spoke with them through wireless and talked some sense into them. Finally, they agreed to surrender.

Now, people may say that the hijacking is a normal tactics of terrorists but here is the catch.That week was marked by large-scale violence in many states triggered by members of the Congress Party in protest against the arrest of Indira Gandhi in a breach of privilege case and her disqualification from Parliament on December 19. Pandeys hijacked the plane on December 20 to protest against Parliament’s decision to punish Mrs Gandhi. On December 21, Congress mobs went to the extent of hurling bombs into the Calcutta residence of Mr. Samar Guha, the Chairman of the Committee of Privileges of the Lok Sabha, which had indicted Mrs. Gandhi. Congress goons also went on the rampage in Bangalore and Hyderabad and targeted public property. Several persons were killed in these incidents.

Other political party lawmakers denounced the hijacking and claimed that such actions smacked of fascist inclinations, which the Congress Party had already demonstrated during the dreaded Emergency Mrs. Indira Gandhi imposed for 19 months beginning June 1975. Leading figures in the Congress Party, such as Mr. Vasant Sathe and Mr. R. Venkataraman (who later on became President of India) attempted to justify the actions of their party members and even downplayed the hijacking episode as nothing more than a joke. When the Lok Sabha discussed the event, they went above and beyond to protect Bholanath Pandey and Devender Pandey. Congress even gave these hijackers tickets in UP Vidhan Sabha elections later on and they won too. In fact, one of them was given the Lok Sabha elections ticket in 2014 too. It exposes the Congress mindset, its fascist inclinations and reveals a lot about the party’s respect for the rule of law.

Here it is worth mentioning that while Congrress has blamed the BJP for Nupur Sharma’s alleged derogatory statement on Prophet Mohammad, despite BJP claiming it to be work of fringe elements. The Congress disregarded the BJP’s statement and blamed it for the fiasco. But interesting is the way Congress defines the actions of its party members in the hijacking and violence in the country in 1978. After the near shameful justification of country-wide violence, including the hijacking, Mr. Venkataraman claimed in the Parliament that the Congress Working Committee had passed a resolution condemning violence. He, however, further said, “if in spite of it (the resolution), certain people take to certain measures, it is not because of the bidding, it is in spite of it”. Therefore, he claimed, the party was not to blame. He then went on to claim that “there are always recalcitrant and intransigent elements in every party. There are always extreme elements in every party and extreme elements cannot be shown or brought up as an argument for condemning the party as a whole”.

This shows the true colours of the Congress.

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