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Congress Leaders Shy Of Contesting

Updated: March 29, 2014 1:57 pm

It is a list of embarrassed and nervous leaders who during their 10 years UPA rule enjoyed in all possible way and ignored what public’s opinion of high living and often not very clean living was–inside the thick red stones which block them from any sound outside. And at their residences, entry was always restricted and the proletariat were not allowed to meet them, except their chamchas and in a few cases fund-collectors. So they lived in peace far away from what they considered ‘madding crowd’.

Now that time is near for the election, they are looking for escape routes. Once most powerful ministers, they can be spotted with fallen and worried places. Some have opened their treasure chests but they know that no money can buy respect and love. Also their family has been advising not to waste money, one is never sure whether they ever would return from wilderness.

The list is long but the prominent on the list include P. Chidambaram, and a few once-powerful ministers. But an embarrassed Congress issued a denial saying that Chidambaram would contest. The list of likely losers is long and includes all Andhra ministers.

The Powerful Enemies Within

Narendra Modi riding high on a wave of popularity could yet miss the prime minister’s gaddi. A powerful faction, albeit very small, is doing its best to sabotage that he does not go beyond 160 seats. This faction’s leader and his closest ally in the keep-out Modi conspiracy, said to be helped in every possible way by Congress, are two state satraps not in the BJP. This was rumoured for a long time but now an investigative journalist and courageous crusader against conspirators to restrain Modi from entering South Block has gone public. In fact on a TV channel she detailed the identity of the plotters.

But the top two of the plotters are so livid and jealous of Modi that they have become quite brazen in executing their plan. They see total blackout and possibly some kind of action against them under a Modi-ruled regime. But if Congress forms a government with other “friends” of these two, their life of easy living and importance would continue. Sources allege that they are privileged ‘friends’ of UPA and well-looked after. All this would be lost if Modi becomes prime minister.

But suppose he comes to power despite their shenanigans what would happen to his detractors? Modi is said to be a very vengeful person. The seniors in the plot could be subjected to all kinds of problems and left alone to rue in isolation.

Season For Aya Rams And Gaya Rams Heating Up In Bihar

The season for turncoats has been heating up. Former secretary-general of Lalu’s RJD and decades long associate of Lalu, Ram Kripal Yadav, and former state Congress chief Choudhary Mehboob Ali Kaiser quit their respective parties. Yadav jumped on Modi’s bandwagon while Kaiser joined LJP. Others who switched sides included former speaker of the Assembly. But most who quit Congress or RJD have joined Nitish Kumar.

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