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Congress afflicted with Corona : losing political character

By Deepak Kumar Rath
Updated: January 16, 2022 1:49 pm

Dear readers again the pandemic era has started and all are forced to follow the special guidelines to save one and all. Weekend curfew, night curfew and odd even formula are back again. The new variant is haunting the economy. The middle class people and poor people are facing the wrath of pandemic in the chilling cold all over. It is our collective responsibility now to be self-vigilant at all public places to minimise the pandemic effect. Like the second wave, this time also our nation is facing assembly elections in five states. In West Bengal, we had already seen the grave situations that arose out of the elections. Massive crowds at the political rally must be limited this time and so the Election Commission must enact strict norms for all parties.

Let us examine the election scenario in five states. Amongst all, Uttar Pradesh is the most important state that is going to polls. The leaders have started to throw mud in the name of Dalits, backward classes, Yadavs, Kurmis, Brahmins and Thakurs. The back ward leaders who had left BSP and joined the BJP five years back, are now again showing their true colour, after sharing power for five years. But people are well educated now and the common voter knows everything. The Dalit people or backward caste people are witnessing in the media how these Mauryas are playing dirty politics to get tickets for their family and relatives. They know very well that their credibility is almost lost amongst the public, so they are shedding crocodile tears as if they were Dalit Messiah. The self-proclaimed leaders know very well that the BJP is following scientific methods to choose candidates. In the BJP, there is a rare chance that the party would field weak candidates and in comparison to other parties. In the BJPselection process of candidates is different, and the poll strategies are also different. The most unfortunate part during electioneering is that people don’t count development issues. The world-class roads, development of Kashi corridor, grand Ram temple at Ayodhya, cleaning river Ganga and focus on water transport are gigantic steps taken by the BJP government in the last five years. Especially farmers are getting great relief to get continuous power supply at a cheaper rate for farmers. Lots of development works have been done in the power sector in UP, thanks to the young and dynamic Minister of Power Shrikant Sharma. It is worth mentioning here that UP has given 01 crore 41 lakh new power connections in the last five years and the state could increase the power production from 16 thousand megawatt during the SP rule to 25 thousand megawatt under the BJP rule. And the farmers are getting power with fifty per cent lower charges as compared to the last government. The Samajwadi Party has a brand name for failure of law and order in the state. The most potential force once upon a time that was the Congress is having no leadership and it is difficult for the party to get candidates to contest the elections. Priyanka Gandhi  is just playing the card of women power, that hardly has any impact in the state. The so-called scion of Congress party Rahul Gandhi after having his foreign trip is clueless about the UP elections. Already fingers are being raised at the Congress party as the Punjab government was alleged to be responsible for security lapses during the PM visit. An elected CM reported to Priyanka Gandhi Vadra for whatever happened with the security of our Prime Minister. It is proved now the Congress party cannot survive without power. So, the frustration is wide open in the party and it is now resorting to all the routes with the help of anti-Modi forces to eliminate Narendra Modi  from the power politics. Arvind Kejriwal is taking the advantage of the Congress party’s fall and is making inroads in Punjab and Uttarakhand. Both in Uttarakhand and Manipur, the BJP has an upper hand. In Punjab, the Akali Dal has become a spent force, losing all its votes to Aam Aadmi party, and the same is true of the Congress there.


By Deepak Kumar Rath

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